Happy Thanksgiving!!!

What I am most thankful for….

*The Mahoneys*

(minus Matty, Drewbie, Kylie and Sean)

It should come as no surprise that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (you know the gorging of delicious home-style food and all), and each year I eagerly await the fourth Thursday in November.

As the years progressed it became quite evident that it was more than just about the food to me (although the food is a big part of the appeal). As the only family member of a very close family to be away from the West Coast, it is the one time of year that I get to be with my family and celebrate all that I am thankful for. And this year is no exception, 2010 has treated me very well and I firmly believe that 2011 will be even better.

Tonight I fly on one of the worst travel days in America west to Scottsdale, Arizona where my parents spend most of their time.  With the entire Mahoney crew in town for this special day this is how it all goes down….

The Mahoney house rolls like this… a bright and early start for the entire family to which we pack our hungry butts in various cars and head down to our neighborhood Turkey Trot where I will be competing to once again reclaim first place in the Mahoney family race. Then its back to the house for various lounging and cooking until 2pm comes, when my lovely mother requires the entire family to be picture perfect and ready for a barrage of camera flashes not unlike a paparazzi sting. It is only after we finish the obligatory family photos that we are allowed to chow down. And so it begins… at 3pm we gather around the dining room table claiming our places in what will be an epic feasting. It is then that I emerge from my bedroom having squeezed out of my fancy Thanksgiving photo dress and into pants with an elastic waistband. Again, this should come as no surprise to anyone who has seen “Hungry McKenzie” in action. I become a feral beast salivating over the delicious bounty in front of my face and then cease all conversations with everyone around me as I dive in fork first to the plate. I cannot tell you how much I look forward to this day every year.

I pretty much shut down all communication on Thanksgiving and the following days I get to spend with my family, so it is with great apprehension that I take a hiatus from this blog until Monday, November 29th. But I promise I will be back and ready to go come Monday morning.

I am thankful for many things and with that I want to thank each and every reader who takes time out of their busy schedules to read the words that I write down. It means more to me than you will ever know. I hope you too enjoy your Thanksgiving with family or friends. See ya on Monday!





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5 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  1. Emily

    Have so much fun!!

  2. Lil Sis

    Great post… i too cannot wait for the Turkey Trot, gluttonus food gorging and time with the family! What I’m not looking forward to is the barrage of photos- but what can you do? haha… see you soon sis!

    ps— i wish you woulda posted the funnier version of that photo at top. it’s way more of our family’s style 🙂

  3. cinda morrison

    My Oh My…somebodies gene pool did OK! Hoping to go North tomorrow am. All the sides are made. Turkey ready for frying, merriment ready to occur. BooHoo T&T won’t be with us…Love and Hugs to all Tootie’s Babies:O)

  4. Jerry

    Very nice.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

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