Run…Don’t Walk to Peaches HotHouse!!!!


*blink and you’ll miss it….Peaches HotHouse in BedStuy*

After a long run through Prospect Park with my friends Kristin and Laney, we couldn’t think of a better place to celebrate than by heading over to BedStuy to check out the newest chicken joint in town…. Peaches HotHouse! Seemingly nondescript, this corner spot on Tompkins Avenue is a blink and you’ll miss it kind of place (in fact we drove right by the first time and had to carefully look  as we made a second go round).

Locally sourcing their food whenever possible and making all of their food in-house (except the pies), Peaches HotHouse was a fantastic introduction into discovering a neighborhood that I have found has unfounded stigma attached to it.  Never having ventured into BedStuy before I had very little idea as to what to expect. While driving through trying to find a parking space I could not help but notice the gorgeous brownstone homes lining the streets. Reminiscent of the Cosby Show, Friends, and a tons of other movies that showcase the “streets” of New York, BedStuy is a fantastic neighborhood filled with character and beauty.

We burst through the doors nearly starved with hunger and were immediately sat. Peaches is tiny, maybe a dozen or so tables that all configure to fit parties large and small. A beaming smile from our waitress greeted us and passed out  menus offering up her suggestions on what to order after I kindly requested her to do so. With the exception of the fried green tomatoes, she was impressed with our first order and went to the bar to make our drinks. As we looked at our surroundings it was apparent that this place was special. Dozens of people came in hoping for a seat or waited patiently eyeing us down from jealousy no doubt.  

To take creative license with their fantastic sign (see above), here are a few things you should know about Peaches:

  • Go Early!!! We got there around 11:30am and soon after the place was packed with patient diners waiting just outside the door and spilling into the sidewalk
  • Order the fried green tomatoes  (the waitress insisted, but we went another route as one of my dining companions does not eat bacon)
  • The drinks are stiff and the prices cannot be beat, no matter what time of day make sure to indulge in one of their fabulous cocktails
  • Make room for pie! The menu says it and you should follow their instruction as Wilklow Orchards provides the most amazing damn pies I have ever tasted in my life ( more on that below)

____________________________________________________________________________________________It’s Peaches is a bit small inside, but I adore the decor and the laid- back feel of the restaurant. Actually, you don’t  feel like you’re in a restaurant! As I sat down and enjoyed my meal I felt like I was transported to a southern shack in Mississippi or Alabama. One of the best parts of the place? They have killer blues playing with a running loop of old school videos of blues legends past. I don’t know about you but when eating fried chicken I cannot think of a better thing to listen to then old school blues music.

Peaches should be on every persons list of restaurants to try, in fact it should be right at the top! I don’t know how to get there via public transportation but if you can swing a car (thanks to Kristin for driving us), it might be the best option. After our food feasting we rolled out of Peaches and headed towards the car in a full-blown food coma. I cannot imagine having to take the train back…I just don’t think I could walk up or down stairs after noshing at Peaches and feeling so satisfied.

Check out the photos below of our fried chicken adventure!

*Sister Rosetta*

(Orange, Pineapple and Cranberry Juices with Silver, Gold and Coconut Rum)

When tasting this all I could think of was me sitting in a rocking chair on a hot summers day downing these by the dozen! Refreshingly delicious, you could barely taste the alcohol (my kind of drink!).

*Sweet Potato Fries*

On the suggestion of some twitter followers, we ordered the sweet potato fries to start and this was the best introduction to the meal we would soon dive into. Lightly crisp on the outside, it was as if mashed sweet potatoes had been stuffed into its casing. There was no need for any condiment here, the flavoring was all that you needed to enjoy these flavorful sticks of fun!

*Eggs Benedict with Sauce on Side*

While I only had a bite (this was Kristins entree), I was delighted with their ability to perfectly cook a poached egg. By far my favorite egg preparation, so many restaurants fail in keeping the yolk runny and the white properly solidified. I would have gotten the hollandaise sauce on top, but we were told it was spicy and Kristin did not want to risk it.

*Cheesy Grits*

I don’t consider myself a Southern gal (I am from Kansas) but grits have been a staple in my household for nearly my entire life and these reminded me of my grandmothers home on christmas morning. Not overly cheesy, they were the perfect accompaniment to the eggs benedict Kristin ordered. Thank god I pushed her to order the grits instead of the potatoes, all three of us were taking turns getting a bite!

*Fried Chicken, White Bread, Pickles and Bacon Creamed Corn*

I couldn’t go to Peaches and NOT get the chicken, dubbed “Nashville Style,” this crispy bird is divine! They have three flavors, mild, hot and super hot and being a little bit of a “chicken” haha, I went for two mild pieces and one hot piece. My teeth punctured the skin and it was heavenly; the dichotomy between the crisp skin on the outside and moist meat on the inside was unbelievable. I made little sandwiches by grabbing a small piece of bread, nestling a dollop of the bacon creamed corn on top, followed by a pickle sliver and generous portion of crispy chicken. I ate every bite of the creamed corn in honor of my sister Mallory, who demands creamed corn at nearly every big family meal or function… I am confident that she would have been bowled over with their greatness.

The fact that the chicken was free range and local only added to its grandeur. When I eat happy chickens (well those that were happy before they were slaughtered), I am a happy gal.  

*Spicy Fried Chicken*

*Shrimp and Grits with Mushrooms*

Laney’s choice was a good one… while we could tell that the shrimp were previously frozen that did not deter us from savoring every bite. The addition of the sautéed mushrooms was a welcome surprise as well.

*Raspberry and Apple Pie A La Mode*

I cannot get these pies out of my mind (above and below), they are hands down the best pie slices I have EVER had (and I have had a lot of pie). The thick crust surrounding the scrumptious apple/raspberry and apple/blueberry filling was delightful, I don’t know how they make the crust so flaky and delicious….my first thought was that they used lard. When we ordered the pies, our waitress asked if we wanted a la mode, and I couldn’t say yes fast enough. It was unfortunate one of the waitresses did not know the ice cream producer but I can find that out soon enough. I cannot say this enough…. when you go to Peaches, GET THE PIE!

I just found out that Wilklow Orchards sells their pies down the street from me at the Fort Greene farmers markets on Saturday and that is exactly where I will be this Saturday scooping up some pies and other Wilklow goodies!

*Apple Blueberry Pie A La Mode* 

Peaches HotHouse

415 Tompkins Avenue (at Hancock Street)



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  1. Lil Sis

    im jealous of your creamed corn… it had bacon in it??? at the next mahoney gathering- you can bet you ass that bacon is making it into the mix!

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