Check it Out: “Thanks, Bro” Beef Jerky and Beer Delivery

Thanks, Bro could be one of the better food related ideas I have come across in the past year. A gift delivery service in Manhattan that lets guys say thank you like a man (basically sending something besides flowers, fruit, candy, etc) by sending beer and beef jerky!

The process is super simple (it takes under two minutes to complete your order) and it goes like this….

Pick a six-pack, jerky, and the vessel it comes in…. then fill out your information and your giftees, select what you what your note written on (and what to say) and then click submit! Yep, it’s that simple! Payment comes after the guys email you with an invoice. 

Six-pack options include Sapporo, Stella, Harpoon, Blue Moon, Corona, etc, and my personal favorites the “F**k You, Bro” option (Natty Lite) and the “You’re a Sissy, Bro” option (Buckler).

Jerky options include Buffalo Jerky, Original Beef Jerky, Peppered Jerky, Sweet n Spicy Jerky, and the humorous “F**k You, Bro” option (Slim Jim) and “You’re a Sissy, Bro” option (Turkey Jerky).

Have the guys deliver it in a yankees cap, no container (stand alone) or the “F**k You, Bro” option of a plastic bag with the choice of a thank you note (with personal inscription), a funny card from Duane Reade, or once again the humorous “F**k You, Bro” with a note scribbled onto a pizza box flap.

Like most new ventures, this just launched service does have a few kinks to work out but if you want to give a gift unlike any other thanking the dude in your life I simply cannot think of a better option (and cannot wait to give my first gift!). At this moment delivery service is limited to Manhattan (96th street and below ) and if you want to customize your gift, just email the guys and they will set you up with a personal experience.

Thanks, Bro



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4 responses to “Check it Out: “Thanks, Bro” Beef Jerky and Beer Delivery

  1. love the “F*ck you, bro” option of the Natty Lite and Slim Jim… hahaha

  2. My roomie got a pork jerky from Hawaii that was sweet and spicy. I was obsessed with it.

  3. Awesome write-up, McKenzie. Thanks, bro-ette!

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