Check it Out: Foodie Registry!!!!

I refuse, absolutely refuse to buy a wedding present from ones registry. Why do I vehemently ascribe to this notion might you ask? Well, it’s impersonal (no one remembers who gave them that champagne flute) and I much prefer to give a gift that shows I took my time and truly thought about you on your special day and didn’t just go online, search for an item on your list, pay and generate a computerized note wishing you all the best in the world. No, I think long and hard about what present I will bequeath upon my dearest friends/family members on their wedding day. 

Over the past couple years I have given cooking classes, three course dinners ( with wine, dessert and tip) at a fabulous restaurant in their city, stationery with their new names (ie paul and rachel costa), and a whole host of other personalized items for them to enjoy long after the ceremony, reception and honeymoon. So when I saw it was as if they read my mind and thought of the perfect wedding registry for wedding gifts I receive (some time far from now when a man finally pins me down) and those I give.

A gift registry for upscale restaurants, Foodie Registry helps the gift giver in selecting a restaurant you know your friends/family will want to dine at. This eliminates my fear of giving them a gift certificate to a restaurant they don’t like (which I honestly don’t think could happen, I mean I have impeccable taste! haha), and simplifies the process that I usually have to go through to obtain the gift (selecting restaurant, calling restaurant, setting up certificate, having it sent to them, etc).

It’s super simple….

For those registering for gifts; create your registry, customize your registry, pick your restaurants and spread the word!

For those purchasing from the registry; find the registry, select the restaurant, and purchase!

Currently offered in Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Denver, Miami and Las Vegas; Foodie Registry has hundreds of restaurants to choose from and is quickly expanding.

So the next time you find yourself stumped on a wedding present, take a cue from me and think outside the box!


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