Check it Out: Mile End takes care of your Passover Dining Needs

I never need an excuse to hit up Mile End Deli, it is by far one of my favorite Brooklyn dining destinations. When trying to select a place to eat to celebrate my first ever touchdown in my Sunday Zog Sports league the other day, Mile End was the only choice. So my friend Devin and I ventured over to chow down on their delectable breakfast sandwich and matzah ball soup and while waiting for take-out (the wait was a little too long for the two of us), I noticed their fabulous Passover catering menu.

Don’t have enough time to cook or perhaps you aren’t in the mood? Let Mile End cater your Passover meal!  Place your order by 6pm this Thursday (April 14th) and pick up your sumptuous bounty of Passover favorites on Monday, April 18th! To place an order please email your selections to

Mile End gives you a few options but if I were celebrating the Passover holiday I would indulge in the entire kit and kaboodle! Check out their offerings below!

Passover Menu:

House Baked Matzah: $5 for 6 portions

Traditional Seder Plate (Marror, Charoset, Karpas, Z’roah and Beitzah):$15 for 2 and $5 each additional person

Family Meal (Pickled Egg in Salt Water, Gefilte Fish, Matzah Ball Soup, Choice of Stuffed Veal Breast/Roast Chicken or Poached Salmon, Matzah Stuffing, Cauliflower Kugel, Prune and Carrot Tzimes and Asparagus): $40 per person, 2 person minimum


Flourless Chocolate Cake: $20 (serves 4)

Seasonal Fruit Crumble: $18 (serves 4)

Coconut Macaroons/Chocolate Covered Matzah, Matzah Almond Brittle: $12 a dozen


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