Hop, Hop, Hopping my way over to Kansas City!!!!

*The Magnificent Country Club Plaza*

It’s been awhile since I have been back to my hometown of Kansas City, so when my mother proposed a family get together for Easter weekend the first thing, ok the second thing I thought of after getting to hang out with  my beloved grandparents and spend time with my niece, nephew, sisters, brother and parents, was the thought of getting my hands on some of my favorite foods.

Growing up in KC was magical, and its likely that it’s storied history with food was the catalyst to this lifelong love and obsession that I have. But the real challenge may be in figuring out how exactly I am going to fit all of my must-eat spots into an already jam-packed weekend of family fun. I will consider it a success if I get to only one of them as it looks like I will not have a single second to relax and take it all in during this exhaustive 52 hour trip.

Nevertheless,  I am considering this the my own personal mission and I bet my siblings are right on board with a few of these selections…. so cross your fingers that I complete it!

Arthur Bryant’s:  Kansas City is known for their amazing BBQ and this place is hands down the local favorite. They have a menu full of delicious options but my go-to is and will always be the burnt ends sandwich! They have three locations, but the Brooklyn Avenue spot is the only one I will ever walk into. If I have to, I will time my morning run to the exact moment they open their doors (10:00 am), and run back just in time to make brunch with my grandmother on Sunday.

Topsy’s:  Since 1929, Topsy’s has been a KC tradition, my mother even scooped ice cream for them at 16 with her first summer job. Their popcorn is ridiculously tasty and the Mahoney favorite has to be their sticky popcorn balls which they make for every holiday. This will likely be a Dana (my mother) and McKenzie trip as no one seems to have the love for Topsy’s treats quite like we do.

Andre’s Confiserie Suisse: Hands down my favorite place to eat in all of Kansas City; the chocolate materhorn dessert is a marvelously decadent masterpiece. I will do everything in my power to have it made into a wedding cake and shipped to god knows where I say my vows. It has been a tradition since I was little to have lunch with my grandmother at their cafe and then head to the front to purchase what seems like hundreds of dollars worth of swiss candies, chocolate and pastries. Their homemade salad dressing also reigns supreme and I plan on picking up a gallon of the stuff if I can (no joke, I have done it before).

Winstead’s: My grandmother, mother, sisters and I have all been enjoying the burgers, fries, frosties and limeades since we were kids and I simply refuse to leave KC without getting a delicious cheeseburger and their signature frosty shakes. If it ends up being that I take a burger and fry to go on the plane, well so be it! Some may disagree with me but when Food Network Magazine rates you as having the Best Hamburger in the State of Kansas, you know there is something to it.

Yep, I have my work cut out for me…..so wish me luck! Off to Kansas City……..



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2 responses to “Hop, Hop, Hopping my way over to Kansas City!!!!

  1. Jon

    Happy Easter!! I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Arthur bryants. I’m going to check out the Hill Country BBQ here in DC this weekend!

  2. Lil Sis

    love this post…. cannot wait for all these options as well- hoping we can squeeze in most of it. if all else fails, ill take winsteads to go for the airport. haha. see you tonight!!

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