Check it Out: Royal Wedding Celebrations in NYC!

Unless you live under a rock or on some distant deserted island, you no doubt have been inundated with every last detail regarding the WEDDING OF THE CENTURY (aka when  handsome Prince William marries Beautiful “Commoner” Kate). Perhaps you (like I) have hit the tipping point in regards to the media’s crazy all encompassing coverage that has surrounded our every news item since their engagement was announced this past fall?

Well we can now breathe a sigh of relief that it is almost over as the big day is just three days away! Just because you weren’t one of the 2,000 people invited to the grand shindig doesn’t mean you cannot celebrate with the best of them at one of the below restaurants/events spaces celebrating the big event in their very own special way.  You can either catch up on your beauty sleep and see the re-caps when you wake up or you can get up at the crack of dawn this Friday and catch the action in real-time when coverage of the wedding starts at 11 am London time, which for royal wedding aficionados means a bright and early start at 6 am here in the Big Apple. I know where I will be…… sleeping!

So if you cannot get enough of this wedding hoopla, here are a few places to revel in all of the excitement!

New York Palace Drawing Room: Watch all of the festivities on big screen televisions at this New York institution while noshing on an assortment of British breakfast treats, coffee/tea and a champagne toast at 8am (when the ceremony concludes).

Jean Georges: JG and his crew is starting things off at 5 am and features royal-wedding inspired mimosas and a special tasting menu for $149 that includes scrambled eggs with caviar and take home fine china inspired by the royal collection.

London Bar: The bar inside the London Hotel has created a specialty cocktail for the occasion, dubbed The Windsor Knot, a combination of Pimms, Chambord and Prosecco, and will serve this libation throughout the nuptials for $20.

Lyon: Before heading to work get yourself properly full and drunk with a full English breakfast alongside English beers and toast the happy couple!

Tea & Sympathy: Celebrate the big day (starting at 10:30 am) as they feature raffles and food from the motherland all day

Dumbo Loft: This Brooklyn spot will host an all-day wedding celebration including an open bar and performances for $50.


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