Check it Out: Our Other Location “Pop-Up”

Sometimes a food related event comes along that offers you an experience like no other…and Our Other Location does that and more many times throughout the year! Next Saturday, May 7th join in on the fun with their newest venture “Eating Out at the Festival of Ideas for The New City.”

As a participant in the New Museum’s Festival of Ideas for the New City, Our Other Location is envisioning a future New York in which there is no retail space left!  Fine dining won’t go away, it will just head out to the streets! Purchase a “table” for 2, 3 or 4 people (at $80 a person), pick up your lightweight portable camping table, table settings and cutlery, beverages (delicious cider from Farnum Hill and an elderberry drink from Enlightenment Wines), your very own three-course tiffin dinner exclusively prepared by Vandaag Chef Phillip Kirschen-Clark, and enjoy a dining experience like no other!

*A Tiffin: multi-tiered stainless steel food carrier*

Now you may ask yourself, ok… so I have this camping table and tons of food but where do I go? Well, that is the best part of this event, you can go wherever you please! Think of the possibilities!? Perhaps you want to set up shop on the Manhattan Bridge, in front of a McDonald’s, or maybe in a parking garage?  

For more information on this event (including vegetarian options, where to pick up the table and frequently asked questions), please visit their website (see below)! To purchase a ticket please visit

Our Other Location is a new venture/project from one of the founders of Coach Peaches’ (a Fort Greene Supper Club) that produces and works with a roster of talented chefs to stage short-term private dining rooms in unusual venues (I guess you could say its a different kind of pop-up!).

Our Other Location:

To pitch a chef, venue or event email


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