McKenzies Recommenzies: Hampton Chutney Co.


I’ve been going to Hampton Chutney Co for years, usually after a long and arduous work-out at the Equinox across the street during my “living in Noho” days and find any excuse to visit. In an area full of  great restaurants (Torrisi, Gitane, Lure, Ruby’s),  it’s nice to find a place to enjoy a quick bite. Now that I am a Brooklynite, I find any opportunity possible to visit and expose other hungry New Yorkers to their greatness and that is exactly what I did during my lunch date with Morgan Brady and Sarah Shaker, two absolutely lovely ladies from my favorite community based website, NearSay New York!!!

So last week the girls and I met up at the SoHo location and I introduced them to the deliciousness of the dosa! South Indian crepes made from rice flour and lentils, dosas are super thin and crispy and impossible not to adore (and gluten-free!). The girls hadn’t had one before so they didn’t know what to expect, but after their first bite they were hooked! 

Take one look at the menu (above the registers) and you find an extensive list of vegetarian and protein heavy items. Offering sandwiches, uttapas (open-faced dosas) and dosas, it is pretty difficult to go wrong here. My go-to post-workout meal was their thali special of the day (indian vegetable of the day, basmati rice, dal soup, grilled naan bread, chutney and yogurt) for only $9.95, but the seasonal dosa (grilled asparagus, portobello mushrooms, arugula and jack cheese) for only $10.95 seemed just too good to pass up!  Even better, all dosas and uttapas are served with your choice of their deliciously decadent fresh Hampton Chutney and the seasonal dosa paired perfectly with their tomato flavor but other choices include cilantro, pumpkin, mango, and peanut!

After a quick wait your name gets called and you can’t help but wonder how in the hell you are going to be able to eat the entire thing. The dosas are gigantic, like the size of they tray they are placed on (no joke… see above).  But after the first bite you quickly realize that you not only can eat the entire thing, but you will and you won’t feel ridiculously full after the fact.

Light and crispy, the dosas are filled with flavor with or without the complimentary chutney (tip: make sure to drench your dosa in the chutney or dip each bite, it’s sooo good). Like most of the time, I inhaled my dosa and then sat back and watched with glee as Morgan and Sarah savored their selections(the#2 with Kalamata Olives and one with beets and goat cheese). I don’t want to toot my own horn here, but I am pretty sure that I can add two more satisfied customers to the “McKenzies Recommenzies” list!

A quick note… if you are looking for traditional south Indian food then this place is not for you, and I don’t want you to walk in expecting one thing and come out disappointed. I mean this place is called “Hampton Chutney Co.,” so how authentic can you really be!? Nevertheless Hampton Chutney Co. is delicious and great for a quick bite after a long day of shopping in SoHo, after a strenuous work-out or just because. And even though I don’t live down the street anymore, I timed the trek the other day and I can satisfy my dosa craving in 31 minutes, door to door! Score one for McKenzie!

Hampton Chutney Co.

68 Prince (between Crosby and Lafayette)

*other locations on UWS and in Amagansett


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