McKenzies Recommenzies: Cook Out NYC!!!!

Food Karma Projects, the same peeps who brought us the fabulous Pig Island, Meatopia 2010 and Brewers 4 Brewers events, are back at it again with Cook Out NYC a day-long outdoor grilling and BBQ event on Sunday, July 10th from 12-5pm on Governors Island!!!!

In conjunction with the third annual “July Good Beer Month,” Cook Out NYC will feature food from chefs and pitmasters around the country, food events and contests, live music, and custom beers from local craft breweries such as Barrier and Sixpoint! Tickets range from $25-$55 with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Just Food’s Farm School.

To purchase tickets click here!!!!



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2 responses to “McKenzies Recommenzies: Cook Out NYC!!!!

  1. Emily G

    Hey McKenzie -Any idea if the ticket covers food? (I know it doesn’t for beer) I just went to the Brewers PicNYC w/ the VIP ticket through Thrillist and there were some scant free samples and free beer at the event but the ticket did not cover anything else (so when they ran out you had to purchase food). Not sure if you know, and maybe I can reach out to FoodKarma about it, but not sure I want to buy it if that happens again despite the event sounding AWESOME!

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