Deal of the Week: $10 Beer and Hot Dog at DBGB!!!!

After four years in this city I finally did it! I have finally found a place where nearly everyone knows my name! Since its opening I have been a loyal diner at DBGB and after what seems like dozens of trips to eat and drink, I am now on a first name basis with several of the bartenders, waiters, managers and Chefs! Unfortunately for me it’s not down the street from my apartment anymore (the move to BK ruined that and all), but I still find any reason I can to pop on over for a delicious craft beer and one of their fabulous house made sausages!

From now until who knows when….enjoy their famous DBGB dog (house made beef dog, onions, mustard, ketchup, relish) and one of their 22 draft beers for only $10! Now many of you may scoff at the price, but this isn’t just your average hot dog…. they make all of their sausages in-house and believe me, you can taste the difference! So pop on over to DBGB, have a seat at the bar (where the special is offered) and enjoy an ice-cold beer and frankfurter!!!


299 Bowery (between Houston and 1st Street)


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