Check it Out: Rooftop Pizza Party!!!!

Many people come to me for food recommendations and I am thrilled to help in any way I can but sometimes I need a little help myself! So when I need help with pizza I go to the foremost authority in pizza in this city…my friend Jason Feirman. His I Dream of Pizza blog is my go to for everything pizza related.

In addition to reviewing pizza around this city and beyond Jason organizes fun events like the NYC Pizza Run (an annual charitable event where participants aim to complete a 2.25 mile run while  stopping to eat three slices of pizza at checkpoints throughout the  course)and the Pizza Club. Always thinking of a reason to get people together to enjoy his favorite food, Jason is throwing Rooftop Pizza Parties next weekend and is inviting you to the party!

The gist is pretty simple….six seats, six pies  and six beer pairings for $50 outside on the roof of an East Village apartment. So grab five of your nearest and dearest together, bring a date, or go solo and hang out  and enjoy a different kind of outdoor dining experience!!

To get more information and to reserve your spot click here !!!!


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