My Latest Obsession: Dough.


Dough has been on my radar for months… and I finally got my hands on their doughnuts last weekend with my friend Patrick who just so happens to live around the corner (lucky!). The place is a little hard to get to….. unless you have easy access to the G, or have a bike or a car (the closest train is the G at either Classon or Bedford/Nostrand), but trust me this place is worth every step or mile it takes to get there.

Straddling the neighborhoods of Clinton Hill and Bed Stuy, Dough lies on the corner of Franklin and Lafayette. The store and that corner definitely stand out and lure you with smells that tantalize and tingle your taste buds and nostrils. Upon arrival there were only a few doughnuts left but then the doughnut gods shined down on us and delivered four different flavors fresh out of the oven (cafe au lait, hibiscus, blood orange and original glazed). The tray of fresh-baked doughnuts was like seeing a mirage; a giant fluffy mass of dough slathered with a generous glaze and various toppings, I was transfixed on what lay before me…. overwhelmed by the glorious sight of the doughnuts and smells wafting throughout the store.

Patrick ordered a cafe au lait and I of course ordered two… because that’s what I do… I overindulge. Anyways I ordered the blood orange and hibiscus flavors. With my bag of hot doughnuts I walked outside and sat down across the street in a park, the heat was pretty intense so the glaze had melted onto the wax paper they were encased in by the time I got to it and I licked every inch of the wax paper. They are so fluffy you can’t even tell that they are fried. Ya they may not be the healthiest but I ran four miles that morning… surely this was an excusable treat right? While Patrick ate his one, I attacked my two and honestly felt like I could eat two or three more and not feel guilty. At at only $2 a pop, I could have used the entire Jackson I had burning a hole in my wallet for these things.  I am sure the plain glazed is the bomb but you are doing yourself a serious culinary injustice if you do not try at least one of their unique flavors.

Some may compare or put this place against The Doughnut Plant but honestly you cannot compare the two; they are two completely different doughnuts. But they are my two favorite doughnut places in the city (sorry Peter Pan)…. and knowing that this place is just a ten minute bike ride from my home makes it just that much better! My new pre-Dough ritual is a required four mile run… or else this place will make me obese! Here is hoping that Dough’s lines never snake around the corner…..

*Hibiscus Flower and Blood Orange*


305 Franklin Avenue (at Lafayette Avenue)


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