Check it Out: Pig Island!!!!

Pig Island is back!!!! Celebrate swine on Governors Island (the historic Colonel’s Row) from 11:30-5pm this Saturday (September 10th). Over 80 hogs will be served up (from New York farmers) and prepared by 20 NYC Chefs (including Adam Schop from Nuela, Michael Jenkins from The Darby, and George Weld from Egg!).  In addition to great food, the event will also feature specialty craft beer, New York State wine and various cooking demonstrations!

This year they are offering up to different ticket options to accommodate both meat-eaters and vegetarians (although why would you go to an event titled Pig Island if you didn’t eat meat!?)….

1) General Admission: $70 and includes full access to food tastings and beer!

2) Meat-Free: $40 and includes all veggie sides and snacks and full access to beer and wine!

So take advantage of the last few days and weeks of pre-fall weather (which comes with the ability to dine outdoors) and hit up Pig Island this weekend!!!!


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  1. Really sad I can’t go and eat all of those little piggies!

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