Recipe of the Week: My Very Own “Chicken Challenge”

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the “Hellmanns Chicken Challenge” with the lovely Sarah Spiegelman at the Altman Building in the Flatiron District. This event (which was one of the best food related events I have ever attended) coincided with Hellmann’s aim to convince consumers that mayonnaise isn’t just great on sandwiches, but a great kitchen staple as well. So to go with this new marketing push they created a contest to promote new chicken recipes that incorporate mayonnaise as one of the main ingredients.

Their campaign features culinary celebrities engaging in a “chicken face-off” for a reality-show like contest and last weeks challengers featured Chef Tim Love, Personality Sissy Biggers and Celebrity Dad (and Sarah Spiegelman’s new crush) Mark Consuelos (aka Mr. Kelly Ripa). Each were given boneless skinless chicken breasts, as much Hellmann’s mayonnaise as they wanted, and various spices and pantry items to use. Chef Tim made a BBQ-Cheddar Crusted chicken, Sissy made a Chipotle-Lime Crusted chicken and Mark made a Parmesan Crusted chicken. In the end Mark’s chicken fish won the challenge which may or may not have been helped by his devilishly handsome good looks ;).

Chef Tim Love, Mark Consuelos and Sissy Biggers

image via (celebuzz)

Now chicken may not be my favorite meat to eat (especially when I eat out) but last year, Americans ate nearly 85 pounds of chicken! So I figured why not have my own chicken challenge? I walked away from the event with an amazing goody bag (williams sonoma apron, pyrex glass bowls, pyrex grater, and tons of pantry items) that had a  giant jar of mayonnaise in it so I looked to my pantry for inspiration and came up with three different “glazes”….. pesto with parmesan cheese, old bay with lemon juice, and stone ground mustard  with dried  tarragon leaves.

orange: old bay and lemon

blue: stone ground mustard with tarragon

yellow: pesto with parmesan

So this post isn’t really a recipe per se…..more of an initiative to get you to create your own I guess. and the formula Hellmann’s created is pretty simple….

1) Mix mayonnaise with your desired pantry items

2) Slather on top of boneless skinless chicken breasts (the layer of mayo acts as a second “skin” keeping the flavors sealed in and keeping it juicy!)

3) If you want it a little crisp… top with bread crumbs, crushed tortilla chips, panko, etc

4) Bake in a pre-heated oven (425 degrees) for 20 minutes and enjoy!

So get to working on your own creation, a lot of my friends are new mommies and find home cooking to be a challenge so hopefully this easy and quick recipe helps make their dinner simpler!

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  1. JonT

    I like this idea! Totes gonna try it next time I make chicken 🙂

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