The MMMGuide: Iceland Edition!

Apologies for the lame post today but I can’t concentrate! You see tonight I am departing this humid and unseasonably warm city and escaping to the cold and barren country of Iceland with my boyfriend. Iceland you say? Who goes to Iceland? Well, apparently me. My boyfriend asked me where I would like to go a few months ago and I said either Montreal or New Orleans…well obviously I’m not going to either as David booked us a weekend trip to Reykjavik!!!!!

Now I would consider myself a world traveler as I’ve been fortunate enough to visit many countries around the world (40 and counting!) in my short 27 years, but I never had Iceland on my list of places to see. Well since we booked the trip I have been so excited I can hardly contain myself. I’ve found that Iceland offers up much more than just Bjork and the Blue Lagoon and David and I are ready to soak up the culture, food and lifestyle of the Icelandic people.

So needless to say I am taking tomorrow off but I’ll be back Monday! The flight is only four-five hours long and the airlines make it the perfect place for a quick three-day weekend (we arrive tomorrow morning at 6am and depart Sunday night at 5pm getting into NYC at 7pm). I will no doubt be featuring our trip next week so check back here for an update!

****David and McKenzie Conquer Iceland****

Friday: Strolling and sightseeing through Reykjavik followed by an evening jeep tour to see The Northern Lights!


Private Jeep tour of “The Golden Circle” which includes stops at a national park, Gullfoss (that sick waterfall above), a volcano crater, a geothermal active valley, and small towns followed by a dinner at the popular Fish Market restaurant where David and I can taste whale, puffin, and shark!


Rest and relax at the famous Blue Lagoon geothermal spa before flying back to NYC!


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  1. Jerry

    I reiterate; in my next life I want to be you. Have a fabulous time.

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