“I Don’t Whaley Give a Shit”…..The MMMGuide conquers Iceland!!!

*Icelandic lovers at Gulfoss*

Let’s just get this out into the open…I ate whale while I was in Iceland. Ok, I ate a filet of minke whale twice…..and I liked it. Say what you want but I asked many Icelandic people about its prominence of menus and they said it was ok so I  ate it. Phew, so now that the big elephant is out of the room we can proceed…. with a re-cap of my epic trip to Iceland and my pointers to all of the people who expressed jealousy of my trip and their intense desire to go as well.

*Minke Whale*

The trip from New York is quite easy….I mean it’s a five-hour flight and the time difference is four hours. So it’s basically like going to the West Coast but instead of heading to the beach, you’re en route to a otherworldly land. It was unlike anything I have ever seen before. The island is covered in lava rock with green moss, lush and fertile landscapes and large mountains. In three days we covered so much ground it felt like we had been there for two weeks. I HIGHLY recommend a visit for anyone wishing to experience a completely different world; even though we didn’t get  to see the Northern Lights (damn you Icelandic weather) it was still a magnificent weekend.

*A storm is a brewin’*

But when David and I booked our trip and asked friends who had previously visited for tips they offered up very little other than the best bars to visit and a place to stay; well they were good for that little tidbit as The Hotel Borg came highly recommended by all and we loved it. For those friends who feel inspired to go after this post or have alway had it on their list, I wish to share a few tips that we learned on our journey…..

The MMMGuide’s Top Tips for a Successful Icelandic Adventure:

  • Bring the Loot: make sure to save up some dough for this trip as this place is expensive. A vodka/soda and gin/tonic set me back roughly 37 bucks (the beer above was 12 bucks and tasted like Bud Light)
  • Ignore weather.com and plan for the weather to be all sorts of crazy. One minute its raining and cold and the next its the most beautiful fall day you have ever seen. Bring layers and sturdy walking shoes (David’s Ferragamo loafers almost didn’t make it out of Gulfoss)
  • Make plans ahead of time because everything is planned in advance (even restaurant reservations and  the Blue Lagoon) and do the Golden Circle tour…you get to see a geyser, huge waterfall, giant fresh water lake, tectonic plates, and the entire Icelandic countryside!!!
  • If you have any weather dependent activities makes sure you have a back-up plan, our Northern Lights tour got cancelled so we scrambled to find something else
  • If you go to Iceland and do not get the Tasting Menu at Fish Market you are missing out, additionally the restaurant Lae​kjarbrekka is a great place to enjoy a nice romantic meal
  • Be adventurous and dig into the local cuisine; try their delicacies and step out of your comfort zone (they prominently feature puffin, shark and whale on their menus so just suck it up and try it….you will probably like it!)
  • Unless you wanna be with the riff raff at the Blue Lagoon (it’s basically a giant water park) make sure to book the Exclusive Lounge… it’s completely and totally worth it, I mean you get your own personal suite with shower and private butler to take care of your every need
  • The hot dog stand everyone raves about is about the size of a Starbucks public restroom and takes up two minutes of your time, definitely go and try the “most popular restaurant in Iceland” but be prepared to still be hungry after one
  • Start your evenings on the later side (dinners after 9:30-10) as the party doesn’t really start in Iceland till after midnight
  • Icelandic people are some of the nicest I have ever encountered; our tour guides, servers, concierge and bartenders were unbelievably welcoming and offered up advice and tips at every turn
  • Take advantage of a touring company’s services, I recommend Reykjavik Excursions, they are like a well oiled machine. I was amazed at how smooth and organized everything was…but then realized that tourism is their main industry so they should (despite that it was incredible how easy it was to get around with their help)

So there ya go…. we had a fantastic time and you will too. I would get a jump on a trip before this vacation destination explodes!!!



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2 responses to ““I Don’t Whaley Give a Shit”…..The MMMGuide conquers Iceland!!!

  1. Lisa

    Great post, McKenzie! Looks like you had a great time! Love the tips as well…very helpful!

  2. can’t wait to see more pictures! so glad you guys had a good time 🙂

    ps- loved the reference to david’s loafers – he clearly needs a better travel shoe!

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