Check it Out: New York City WingFest!!!

McKenzie Want Wingie!!!! As a child I would shudder at the thought of my mouth touching any animal bone (ribs, chicken on the bone, steaks were out!) but college changed everything when I was forced to partake in literally hundreds of 10 cent wing nights at the various bars on Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. When I heard about an epic celebration of the almighty chicken wing….. New York City’s WingFest, I freaked! Then I realized that I would be missing out on this shindig cause I’ll be in London with the boyfriend…. so  even though I can’t go (I’ll be frolicking around jolly old London) you can partake in this fantastic event!

Check out WingFest this Saturday (October 15th) from 3-6pm at the Boat Basin Cafe and chow down on wings from over a dozen different restaurants battling it out for supreme wing glory. Tickets can be purchased for $50 and include UNLIMITED wings and beer (get ready boys!) and the best part of your ticket price???? ALL of the proceeds will be donated to the Lead the Way Fund!!!! GO!



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2 responses to “Check it Out: New York City WingFest!!!

  1. I am so obsessed with wings. Wanna do a night at Croxleys soon?

  2. Bobby B

    I love me some wings. Best wings of my childhood were at Dave and Busters. I’m hoping someone at Wingfest might be able to top them.

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