The MMMGuide Heads West!

*The Mahoney Sisters*

Thanksgiving 2010

It’s been over five years since I was back home in Scottsdale, Arizona for more than three days, so I’m taking advantage of my 9 day trip to visit my family and friends and taking a break until Monday, November 28th! Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I look forward to every second I get eating, drinking, and laughing with my family.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday with the ones that you love. In times like these we must all remember what we are thankful for and how lucky we are to have each day on this earth. I’m surrounded by the most wonderful people and am thankful for each and every one of them.

Now stretch your stomach and eat your face off this Thursday, I know I will!



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2 responses to “The MMMGuide Heads West!

  1. Have a lovely extended Thanksgiving with your family! xoxo

  2. we need a new photo this year to replace that one…. wow. BUT – cannot wait to see you on Wednesday night!!!

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