My Latest Obsession: Robicelli’s “The Bluth”

photo courtesy of Time Out New York Kids

My hatred for cupcakes is real and its deep but leave it to Robicelli’s to make me change my tune (but only for their tiny bites of greatness).  I guess you could say I love everything the Robicelli’s make and do (their twitter feed is quite entertaining), and yet they are complete strangers to me.

 I had long sworn off cupcakes until I finally put an end to many foodie friends telling me how “Robicelli’s cupcakes are different,” “the flavor combinations are so creative,” and “you should just try them and then you will see.” I was up to my ears in praise for Robicelli’s cupcakes and well, I had to cave in. The exact date of my first Robicelli’s experience is unknown (I think time ceased to exist the day I was in such cupcake heaven) but what I do know is that I cannot get them out of my mind.

They have a rotating list of flavors so you may not get the same one every time, but your best option is to just go with the flow and pick whatever looks enticing. You won’t find the usual red velvet, vanilla or chocolate cupcakes here… oh no, Robicelli’s cupcakes go above and beyond the call of cupcake flavor duty to create devilishly decadent flavors that beg you to scream for cupcake mercy. Flavors range from pear mascarpone, chocolate merlot, eggnog and creme brulee to tiramisu, chocolate chestnut, hot buttered rum and chocolate candy cane.

But last week I wanted what might be their most famous cupcake, it’s been the recipient of heaps of praise and well you can add my two cents to the top of the pile. Only a genius would name a cupcake after a beloved sitcom family and that is just what Matt and Allison Robicelli are….cupcake geniuses. The Bluth (the surname of the beloved family at the heart of Arrested Development), is composed of a rich chocolate banana cake topped with silken chocolate buttercream, roasted walnuts, and a swirl of ganache. It is delightful and every time I walk by the Union Square Holiday Market I venture over to their booth and grab one.

This obsession is not very good for my waistline, and I fear pie will get word that I am cheating on it with a cupcake but gosh darnit… Robicelli’s cupcakes are worth every pound and every pie fight I get into. Once you get a taste of The Bluth, you too will know what I’m talking about!


*You can find Robicelli’s at The Dekalb Market, Union Square Holiday Market (booth C34), and many retail shops


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