McKenzie Attempts: Going Gluten-Free…till April!

January 1st brings a wave of New Year’s resolutions that will undoubtedly cease to exist a few days or weeks in so I waited a week and made mine on Sunday, January 8th. See, I wanted to sort out what I really wanted to work on, change, or amend and found that my recurring hope was to keep healthy and lose a few this year.

I basically eat for a living and when I tell people what I do the most common response is “wow you don’t look like a porker” or something to that effect! Even with all of the running I do, I find that it is a constant struggle to keep fit and eat like I do in this city. So I gave myself a goal…. to lose 15 lbs by March 31st. To do this I am mounting a campaign that includes daily exercise (at least 30 minutes a day) and the removal of a few things from my daily diet.

The most difficult restriction of my new diet will surely be my decision to go gluten-free until March 31st. For someone who loves nothing more than a fresh-baked baguette with a side of salted butter, this is going to be a challenge. Yesterday wasn’t too terrible, but I did wake up craving a bagel and cream cheese! But when I put my mind to something I do it (example: the nyc marathon I ran two months ago), and gosh darnit…I am going to do this! ***Full Disclsoure….It does help to know that I have support in my boyfriend who has been gluten-free for almost ten years (due to a gluten allergy) so at least I have him 😉

My other diet no-nos? Well, my most beloved food item, dumplings, is going straight out the window as they are a) chock full of gluten and b) not the healthiest food item you can ingest. Others include limiting my alcohol intake and what I call “non-essential desserts,” which basically means I am going to be super critical of dessert menus asking myself whether or not I really need or want it!

So while I know many consider going “gluten-free” to be a trend or fad diet…you have to remember that celiac disease is real and that a wheat allergy is serious. So my quest may be superficial (trying to lose weight) but I am determined to keep this up! Besides, how AWESOME is my first dumpling going to be come April 1st!?

Wish Me Luck!



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3 responses to “McKenzie Attempts: Going Gluten-Free…till April!

  1. Good luck with your goal- I’m sure you can do it. Also, 15 lbs might be too much in such a short time- from your photo on the website you look like an already thin person- so just keep in mind you don’t want to wither away!

  2. Lil Sis

    haha, so those dumplings you enjoyed over the phone with me the other night were the last ones til April? wow, i really hope you savored those! good luck, can’t wait to hear about your progress!

  3. Jon

    You’ll easily drop the weight in that amount of time if you go full Paleo. It is the most healthy and natural way to eat. I dropped 35 pounds two springs ago by doing that, and it is fantastic that you have a great support group.

    There are plenty of websites out there regarding the Paleo kick…and most of them have great recipes! If you are just doing gluten-free tho…my roommate found a frozen pizza (my vice) that is made with tapioca flour! Pretty sure he said he found them at TJ’s, but I can’t remember the brand. Tapioca flour is a much tastier substitute than the chick pea kind you find at most restaurants (and more paleo friendly)

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