McKenzies Recommenzies: East Village Cheese

Feeling Cheesy??? Well walk north on 3rd Avenue from St. Marks and encounter a cheese store like no other.  East Village Cheese is a kind of blink and you’ll miss it spot (the windows are filled with hand-written paper signs detailing cheese specials and prices) that caters to the cheese lover in all of us. Open the door and you are bombarded by what I think is the equivalent of the “Willy Wonka” of Cheese shops! 

Never been, well there are a few things you must know…..

1) Bring the Benjamins….they are cash only. A few times I forgot and found myself running around the corner to the bank to get moolah for my purchase! 

2) This place sells cheese on the cheap… like dirt cheap and that’s because they sell cheese that is days away from expiring. So make sure to always check the expiration date of anything you buy. Some may freak out at that notion but I’ve never had any trouble with anything I’ve bought here and I’ve been a loyal customer for nearly 5 years.

3) Put your duke’s up! This place is beloved by thousands of people and rarely not packed to the gills full of cheeseheads.  Best to prepare yourself for a somewhat stressful experience where you may catch someone throwing elbows to get their hands on these stellar prices.

4) They serve pre-cut cheese in the front in refrigerated cases (where I usually spend my time) but if you want something from the counter you better know what you are asking for. They do not offer samples, the cheesemongers don’t have a very good knowledge of the cheese they are slicing, and there is a half pound minimum.

As I detail the above rules I realize that I may be deterring some from entering, some may feel overwhelmed or think it’s not worth it….. but please give EVC a shot. When quantity trumps quality and timing is everything, EVC is for you.  I once came out with three lbs of cheese for $12 for a party I was having that night.  

Simply put….their prices defy logic. I mean they’re practically giving the stuff away. When you don’t wanna shell out some serious dough at Murray’s or Whole Foods head to East Village Cheese.

 East Village Cheese

40 3rd Avenue (between 9th and 10th Streets)



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2 responses to “McKenzies Recommenzies: East Village Cheese

  1. I have lived in this neighborhood for almost 6 years and never once stepped in there. And I am a cheese fanatic! Now I MUST go asap. How was I missing out on all that cheap cheese??

  2. ive been going there every week for the past 10 years. the best!

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