Run…Don’t Walk to Ristorante Aglio!!!!

Earlier this week I attended a food blogger dinner with my friend Christina at Ristorante Aglio. Newly opened (December of 2011), the restaurant is a sister to Tribeca’s celebrated Greenwich Grill and Sushi Azabu (a Michelin Star restaurant btw). Funnily enough I had just dined at GG last week and was eager to compare my experiences.

Tribeca is one of those neighborhoods  that I would do just about anything to live in; what with its beautiful loft style living, chic stores and most of all hidden gem restaurants. Not surprisingly, all three restaurants in the Plan Do See restaurant group  (Greenwich Grill, Aglio and Azabu) fall right into the latter category. Greenwich Grill serves up serves up Tokyo-Italian cuisine (have you ever heard of that before!?), Sushi Azabu traditional edo-mae style sushi with small Japanese dishes and Aglio features a“Pan-Italian” menu with dishes from various regions of Italy.

I can’t say much about Sushi Azabu as I haven’t been yet (although it’s at the top of my list), but the scene at Aglio is just like GG with dark banquettes, crisp white tablecloths, soft candle lighting and enchanting music circling overhead.  The chandelier that hovers over the dining room and a few of the banquette tables look like something straight out of the middle ages with its vast coverage of the room. Aglio is perfect for both group dining and intimate dates, in fact that night we dined the room was packed with both types of groups and yet the space felt calm and quiet.

*image courtesy of Tribeca Citizen*

The dinner was as follows; we got the choice of appetizer, entrée, dessert and signature cocktail and were left to enjoy our meal and each others company. Like GG the service at Aglio is excellent; polite, attentive, on hand for questions or any need we had, and extremely friendly and warm. I wanted to hang out with our server, I wanted to have him sit down with us and enjoy our meal….that never happens! We each scanned the menu and placed our orders….I went with one of their signature cocktails (The Sylvia), an appetizer (Grilled Octopus Salad), entrée (Grilled Lobster and Fennel) and a dessert (Dark Chocolate Cake with Whipped Cream). The Sylvia was a refreshing and almost sugar-free version of the classic mojito with cucumber, ginger, and mint; the Octopus Salad a beautifully presented dish of chunky octopus tentacles swimming around roasted potatoes and topped with crisp arugula; the Grilled Lobster and Fennel was half pre-shucked for easy eating, and a gluten-free dark chocolate cake with creme anglaise and whipped cream that was literally the icing on top of an already great cake to finish my meal.

The restaurant group, Plan Do See Corp can do no wrong in my eyes. Having dined at two of their restaurants within a week I got a great look at their seamless operation and fantastic food. Tribeca can get pretty pricey but a meal at either restaurant really gives you a chance to dine at a beautiful, classy and informal Tribeca restaurant, without breaking the bank! Now I need to figure out a way to move to the ‘hood…..

Ristorante Aglio

277 Church Street (between Franklin and White Street)


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  1. I loved the octopus salad!

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