Run…Don’t Walk to Bar Corvo!!!!

It may have bar in its name but Bar Corvo is most definitely a restaurant. The Prospect/Crown Heights version of its sister restaurant Al di Là, fans of the Park Slope favorite will find a few food items carry over but will find this place to be very very different.

*Fried Spicy Chickpeas*

I was determined to become a regular long before the place officially opened its doors and since its opening have already dined there three times. If my experiences in their first week and a half is any indication, the staff at Bar Corvo will become my new best friends. On my first visit my friend and I sat at the bar, the second I came by myself and again sat at the bar, and the third time I introduced the boyfriend to our new neighborhood joint by sitting in the restaurant. All three visits were spectacular and all three nights were packed!

Most restaurants in their first week or even month have a few kinks to work out but the operation over at Bar Corvo is as smooth as silk. The servers are incredibly friendly (I personally have a soft spot for Jessica) and the cooks in the open kitchen are happy to chat answering any question you may have while they prepare your meal. But it doesn’t matter if you sit at the bar or in the dining area, as the experience is just lovely all around.

The menu is short and has some real outstanding dishes on its menu. If you don’t get the fried spicy chickpeas than you are doing yourself a huge disservice as they are just incredible. Bye bye lame bar nuts and snacks; I want Bar Corvo’s spicy chickpeas with my next drink! Other highlights include the grilled calamari salad with toasted almonds and parsley, roast amish chicken, swiss chard gratin, and fave e ciccoria (sautéed dandelion greens over a dried fava bean puree). The minute my whole “gluten-free” experiment flames out (April 1st btw), I am making a bee-line around the corner to devour their chitarra neri pasta with octopus and hot red pepper. I saw that dish come out of the kitchen many times and was salivating at its sight.

*Swiss Chard Gratin*

New York Mag profiled the bustling Washington Avenue in their issue this week and while I love the much deserved attention, I kinda wish this great part of Prospect/Crown Heights was a secret for just a little bit longer!  This neighborhood is on its way to food and drink glory with Bar Corvo leading the pack. If you haven’t been, GO! I’m counting down the days until their back garden opens up so I can plant myself there all summer! And now that I know I can almost throw a stone from my apartment and hit Bar Corvo, well it won’t be that hard to reach my goal of becoming a regular 🙂

Bar Corvo

791 Washington Avenue (between Lincoln and St. John)


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