My Latest Obsession: Xi’an Famous Foods Spicy Cumin Lamb Burger!

Xi’an Famous Food and its famous lamb burger gets a lot of press so I had to check it out for myself and see if the hype was true.  Quite possibly their most popular dish; I headed down to their Bayard location with my friend David for a late lunch last week and immediately became obsessed with it.

The lamb burger isn’t really a burger (maybe easier to say sandwich) but more of a  meat-stuffed sandwich that at $3 is one of the best cheap eats in town! Encased in what can only be described as something akin to an english muffin, the flavors are intense! Hope you like cumin because the filling is a powerful mix of onion, jalapeno and lamb basically soaked in cumin for what has to be weeks it’s so strong! But don’t think that because cumin is so prevalent that it takes away from the  greatness of this sandwich. But heads up if cumin isn’t you favorite spice!

I worked up a low-grade sweat while eating this as it packs some punch so it’s probably best eaten with a cold glass of water, ice tea, or coke nearby. With four locations (three in downtown NYC), I can get my Xi-an fix easily…  but I also have to head east to their Flushing location for the real deal!

Xi’an Famous Foods

4 Locations: Flushing, East Village, Chinatown (Bayard Street) and Chinatown (East Broadway)



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5 responses to “My Latest Obsession: Xi’an Famous Foods Spicy Cumin Lamb Burger!

  1. NattyB

    They also have great re-heat value if you have a panini maker.

  2. Jerry

    The Flushing location is n ot for the faint of heart. I;ve been told they’re opening another one.
    You should also try the liang pi noodles and the lamb noodles, and the salad.

  3. Richard

    Everything at Xian is GREAT. Be sure to try their Tiger Salad, and the Tofu (for $2-) is AMAZING.

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