My Latest Obsession: The Coconut Tofu Pizza at Pete Zaaz!!!

Pete Zaaz is proof that my neighborhood (Crown/Prospect Heights) is starved for good food, hell if I had the money I would open up my dream restaurant here!This Brooklyn-style pizzeria opened up to great fanfare just two months ago and immediately became a popular favorite all throughout the borough. Brought to the hood by a No. 7 (Peter) and Pulino’s alum (Glen), they pride themselves on using only the best ingredients (homemade cheeses, locally-grown produce and handcrafted charcuterie) in all of their pie and non-pie offerings (which include sausage and peppers, fried ravioli, broccoli knots and a ginger salad) and offering up something I guarantee you will not find anywhere else!

It’s focus on outlandish and creative toppings is what  really made my break the ban on gluten; oh ya I am still going to be choosy with my choices but sometimes a girl needs a piece of bread here and there! Have you ever in your life heard of a pierogi (creme fraiche, bacon, green onion) or chile con carne pizza (ancho, cream cheese burrata, pickled corn, and cheez-it gremolata)??? They’ve got them here, along with the tame Brooklyn (tomato, mozzarella and marjoram) and the option to add sweet sausage or pepperoni to any pie.

I had been surveying the menu for weeks and while it all looked amazing I only wanted to try one thing…. the coconut tofu! With only 200 yards between Pete Zaaz and my apartment I waited patiently for it to open at 12 then bumrushed the joint for a 1/4 slice for $4.

In looking at the pizza I kept thinking that ya it looks awesome, but all of these ingredients just don’t seem right going on a slice of pizza. But I like trying new things and found that I was wrong….at first bite you get a cacophony of flavors and tastes that just work so well together. It’s crunchy (the crust is very thin, crisp and rigid), its sweet (the coconut), it’s spicy (it’s got some sort of kick in there I couldn’t put my finger on) and it’s just so freaking wonderful (the crispy tofu nuggets are amazing and really bring it to the next level). This is not your average slice, no this is something much greater; it’s a pizza revelation.

Pete Zaaz definitely ups the pizza game and I can’t help but love their spirit of experimentation which puts this place head and shoulders above any pizza I’ve tasted in the area! Pete Zaaz is a great addition to the neighborhood… I was able to catch a glimpse of their back garden they are currently setting up and can’t wait to sit back, relax and enjoy one of their creative pies with a group of friends!!

Pete Zaaz

766 Classon Avenue (between St Johns and Sterling Place)



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5 responses to “My Latest Obsession: The Coconut Tofu Pizza at Pete Zaaz!!!

  1. Great write up McKenzie! I cannot wait to go and scope this place out!

  2. love that you were able to fit in “cacophony of flavors”… that right there, sucked me in. i need to plan a trip out to see you sometime later this year and try some of these amazing gems you highlight every day! xo

  3. Cindy

    Can you tell me all the ingredients in this pizza? I live in Ca and I can’t run down to the parlor and get a piece to try. However, I have a pizza oven and I an replicate it if I am given enough information so I can try it.
    Can you give more detail? Sauce, crusted tofu was it fried first? Sprouts cold?

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