My Latest Obsession: Meatball Obsession!!!

I never win anything….well I won a free Gold’s Gym membership when I was 11 but they rescinded the offer when they realized my age ;(. So having no luck in the past 28 years, I was surprised when I found out I won free meatballs for a year via a Twitter promotion to Meatball Obsession!

Honestly they probably couldn’t have randomly picked a better person… for one, I LOVE Meatballs, and secondly, I will be taking advantage of this prize and blowing up their spot. So last night I went to pick up my free meatball gift card and meet the owners and staff.

These people are amazing… I wish that every restaurant/food owner was as enthusiastic, genuine and friendly as the folks at Meatball Obsession. In addition to my gift card I was given a congratulations balloon and paraded around the sidewalk taking photos and meeting people… for one hot second I was a mini celebrity but then reality set in and I had to get down to business as I had to eat my first meatball!

Ordering is super easy and the menu isn’t complicated (why should it be? these are meatballs after all!). Choose your meatball (beef, turkey or pork sausage), choose your style (original in a cup with sauce and foccacia bread for dipping- single, double or triple portion or as a pocket sandwich with meatballs and sauce tucked into a piece of ciabatta), then choose your topping (first is free, additional are 50 cents). Once you’ve done that, pay, wait a minute or two and then get ready to devour that sucker.

*Single Turkey “Naples Style”*

For my first order, I went with a single turkey meatball “Naples Style” which meant the ball was topped with fresh herbs, mozzarella cheese pearls, and extra virgin olive oil. Why turkey and not beef or pork (the latter being my favorite ball choice)? Well Paul (the CEO) divulged that each turkey ball is only 90 calories! 90 calories yes, but not when you add the sauce, focaccia bread, cheese, herbs and olive oil but still….that’s amazing!!!!

How was the meal? Fantastic, even with the staff and people on the street watching my every bite 😉 It had the perfect ratio of meat, sauce and bread. You could really taste the meat in this meatball (little filler in the form of bread crumbs) and it was very hardy with a great spice to it. The sauce? Oh, it’s thick, fresh and rich. After devouring the meatball I sopped up the rest of the perfect sauce with the fluffy focaccia. I am not the biggest fan of red sauce (so many are bland or too sweet) but this “Sunday Sauce” is good enough to change my mind (or at least pledge allegiance to this red sauce alone).

The single clocked in at under $6 and left me full for the rest of the night which is unbelievable considering my voracious appetite. This quick service take out joint is really awesome…. great food, reasonable prices (nothing is over $10), and fantastic service. I highly recommend getting your ball on here….meatballs in NYC may seem like the current trend but how many pizza and falafel joints are in town? They don’t freak out and put them under intense scrutiny when more than one open up do they? No. Meatballs are not a fad, almost every cuisine in the world has one in some form or another… so let’s put a stop to calling this a fad and call it what it is… awesome.

So I’ve got a year to eat all the meatballs in the world  at this place…. let’s see how many tasty combinations I can create. The name couldn’t be more dead on… my latest obsession is MEATBALL OBSESSION!

Meatball Obsession

510 6th Avenue (between 13th and 14th Streets)



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3 responses to “My Latest Obsession: Meatball Obsession!!!

  1. sarahmshaker

    Jealous of your winnings! Can’t wait to check them out for that turkey meatball.

  2. balloons and photos – that’s serious celebrity status.. you’ve made it now! enjoy those balls – when i come to NYC (hopefully later this year), you’re treating me to free meats 🙂

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