My Latest Obsession: Tebasaki Wings at Kasadela!

Thank GOD I went to the 2nd day of The Great Googa Mooga Festival and not the 1st or else I probably wouldn’t have been introduced to these amazing wings.

Saturday’s Googa Mooga was apparently a complete shitshow with long lines, empty food stalls and angry mobs of hungry diners. So in preparation for my visit yesterday, I consulted with the twitterverse and first day reports to scout out my plan of attack. Of all the suggestions I read or was given, none was more important than the recommendations I got from Sarah McLellan of The Aussie Who Ate The Big Apple via Twitter. Of the dozens of food offerings at the event, she singled out the wings at Kasadela as a must eat, along w/ a fantastic soft shell crab sandwich from Vinegar Hill house that I literally inhaled it was so good…..and I was so hungry.

Anyways back to the wings…

They were the first thing I ate and the most memorable food item I ate all day. Even my friends Charlie and Abby couldn’t resist the come hither sight of these devilishly tasty wings. It took awhile for me to get my hands on them as we got there right as the “doors” opened and Kasadela wasn’t quite ready for the throngs of people wanting to get their hands on their Japanese-style wings, but it was well worth the wait!

After a few moments baking in the sun, I paid for the wings ($8 for 5), made a beeline for a table and dug right in.  No doubt, these were/are the best darn chicken wings I have EVER had…. crispy, flavorful (both savory and tangy), and oh so juicy.  Plus, they were the ENTIRE wing… not just the drumstick and wing but also the wingtip (see below for helpful diagram). Slathered in honey and pepper, they were delectable. Too soon they were gone, (I shared with my friends) but I made sure to  lick every last part of my fingers that came into contact with the wing. 5 of these were simply not enough but I had a lot more eating to do, their line had gotten pretty long, and I can go to their restaurant in Alphabet City and eat them (an order comes with 8 in their restaurant).

So ya… in writing this post I am salivating and looking at my calendar for when I can get to their restaurant because quite frankly… I am OBSESSED with these chicken wings.


647 East 11th Street (between Avenue B and C)


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  1. sarahmshaker

    I might get these wings tonight. They are on ScoutMob!!

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