My Latest Obsession: Bayou Beast at Two Boots!

My first taste of Two Boots pizza came back in 2007 at their Bleecker Street location. It was a late night and I was starving….and unfortunately I made a grave mistake in ordering the “The Mr. Pink,” my first and last ever slice of pizza with chicken on top of it. I knew I made the mistake in ordering something I knew I probably wouldn’t like and so gave it another chance and have continued to enjoy their food ever since.

I’ve heard complaints of the crust being too thick, that the cornmeal crust is too gritty and that it lacks a certain crispness, but you can’t deny that the toppings are genius. Their various and funnily named pizzas feature over-the-top toppings that you wouldn’t dream of putting on a pizza. But somehow they work, and while my tastes venture towards the simple (aka I usually get the Larry Tate) I sometimes find myself wanting to be a little adventurous and that’s just the state of mind I happened to be in last week when I ordered this little guy….

*Bayou Beast*

Spiced Shrimp, Crawfish, Andouille, Jalapenos and Mozzarella

I’ve never been to New Orleans (I know, I can’t believe it either) but tasting this pizza made me feel like I was there. It is by far one of the most unusual slices of pizza I have ever had! It packs a punch with the addition of jalapenos and spicy andouille, and the flavor of the shrimp and crawfish burst  wide open with each bite. The crust is thin with a crunchy bite and the slight dust of cornmeal is really quite pleasant. I was a little wary of seafood on a pizza but the flavor was very mild.

We’re very serious about pizza in New York, maybe a little too serious. Two Boots may not have the have a cult-like following like Lucali, Paulie Gee’s and others, but they are fast, easy and they bring tasty fun to every single slice.

Two Boots

Multiple Locations throughout the city


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One response to “My Latest Obsession: Bayou Beast at Two Boots!

  1. Neesa

    The Bayou Beast is my favorite, too!! haha. So nice meeting you the other day!!

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