My Latest Obsession: Melt Bakery!!!

*Cinnamax: Cinnamon Ice Cream and Snickerdoodle Cookie*

As the temperature hovered around 100 degrees last weekend at Cook Out NYC, I was in desperate need for something cold and refreshing. Enter Melt Bakery… who “melt” my ice cream sandwich loving heart.

Makers of ice cream cookie sandwiches made with artisanal ice creams, the flavor combinations are unique and delicious. Last week I jumped for joy when I saw the Cinnamax (snickerdoodle cookie with cinnamon ice cream) because a good snickerdoodle is hard to find…I once spent 6 hours walking around the city in a quest to find a good snickerdoodle cookie. If only Melt was open during this journey…. the search would have been over right then and there (for the record I found said snickerdoodle at a now closed bakery in the West Village).

I’ve had many of their flavors but Cinnamax is my hands down favorite. No matter what flavor your choose there is one thing that remains true across the board….the texture of the cookie is wonderfully chewy and the ice cream is creamy and smooth. Each combination is well-balanced and not too sweet…your tastebuds will be happily satisfied, not overwhelmed. Other favorites of mine include the Elvis (peanut butter cookies with banana ice cream), the Lovelet (red velvet cookies with cream cheese ice cream), and the Marcy (chocolate brownie cookies with black mint ice cream).

Remember the ice cream glove Ali G tried to sell to Donald Trump on The Ali G Show? You don’t need one of those here… the sandwich comes frozen but soft enough to enjoy without having ice cream run all over your face and hands.

Stop by their storefront on Orchard Street or their cart on the High Line to get your fix. You can also get them delivered to your home or office although a minimum order applies, although I would love to have these on hand in my freezer at all times. $4 gets you an ice cream sandwich to die for and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to meet one of the owners (and the ice cream sandwich king) Julian, who is so much fun and so passionate about his goods that I kinda wanna hang around him all the time 😉

Melt Bakery

132 Orchard Street (between Delancey and Rivington Streets)


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  1. sarahmshaker

    The Cinnamax is so good! I’ve had it at Big Gay Ice Cream. LOVE it.

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