McKenzies Recommenzies: The Smile!

Let me start this off by saying…..HOW DO MORE PEOPLE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS PLACE? Seriously!

When The Smile first opened I lived around the corner and I frequently stopped by for a morning coffee and a quick read of the paper but when I moved to Brooklyn, the place fell out of the rotation (blame it on the distance). It had been a long time since I even heard its name or even knew they served dinner until last week….when a friend suggested dinner at The Smile for a double date.

My absence from The Smile is definitively over after my fantastic meal last weekend. It’s definitely trendy, I mean I sat a few feet away from Jennifer Aniston’s fiance and the fashion week scene was on fire, but it’s rare when a “trendy” restaurant isn’t completely obnoxious. From start to finish we were given not a hint of attitude, in fact the hostess and waitstaff could not have been more wonderful. A few of its neighbor restaurants could definitely take a cue from them and stop acting so high fa looting and snooty 😉

Down a few stairs in a subterranean space on one of my favorite blocks in the city, The Smile is enchanting. For one, the place is pretty darn big and the decor is very rustic, low-key and a little romantic (dimly lit dining area with dark wood tables and chairs and exposed brick walls). The entire place is one big cozy living room that makes you feel all warm and gooey inside.

The cocktails were good, but I was all about the food. Now the food is very simple….but good. The place may be trendy but the food isn’t over the top,  its real food made with real ingredients that aren’t fussed over too much…. they roast, sear, and grill things to near perfection. I for one was extremely happy with my kale salad and the seared flank steak with roasted corn and fresh salsa.

Prepare to enter and leave The Smile with just that… a big grinning smile 🙂


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  1. sarahmshaker

    I went this week for dinner during NYFW – loved their brisket! I’ve been going there for brunch since they opened. The manouri and fig sandwich rocks and the baked eggs are great too. Very cool scene. One of my favorite NYC spots. xx

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