Check it Out: BrisketTown!

*Delaney and his 18 foot smoker*

Texas Barbecue enthusiast (and food media producer) Daniel Delaney’s BrisketTown is set to open up for realsies in Williamsburg at the end of next month!

For those who don’t know why am I so excited let me give you a little overview… this past summer Daniel traveled to  Texas with an 18 foot mobile smoker and brought back to NYC thousands of pounds of Texas meat for us northerners! After perfecting his brisket recipe he opened up a pop-up, dubbed BrisketLab, where he gave diehard barbecue enthusiasts the ability to pre-order and eat brisket at an event at The Brooklyn Winery that he personally smoked for 30 hours over oak along with white bread, pickles and onions (being the required and traditional sides served alongside in Texas).

This new permanent spot will be located at 359 Bedford Ave in Williamsburg, just around the corner from one of my fav’s in South Williamsburg…. Pies ‘n’ Thighs! You will still be able to pre-order brisket for pick-up but what makes this different is that now there will be a counter where you can chow down until their daily allotment has run out!

October can’t come soon enough……


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