McKenzie Attempts: The BAD Rule

I am VERY aware of what I eat.  And although it may not seem like it, what with all the food I stuff in my mouth, I think very carefully about literally everything I put into my mouth. As a “foodie,” I get a lot of feedback on how good I look considering my job and all (I also work in the industry as a brand manager for restaurants and chefs) and so I have to be very careful to not balloon up!

In my never-ending quest to balance my love of food and looking good, I’ve recently adopted the following mantra….when eating, it’s either Bread, Alcohol or Dessert. My boyfriend coined it the “BAD rule” and he follows it strictly. At first it seemed obvious, but it was tough at first, and now it’s essential to my daily life. I usually look at the menu before I eat at a restaurant and so I already know what I’m in for in looking at both the cocktail and dessert menus. Now bread, there is no issue here. Even when I wasn’t on my gluten-free diet (which I may extend after the November 1st end date), I didn’t like the complimentary bread basket or eating bread-heavy meals. So the only decision I have to make when dining, is whether I want to drink or end my meal with a sweet treat.

We all strive to be healthy and as such… so I suggest you try out this mantra for yourself. It may not be easy at first but it will certainly help you out. Best of luck!


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