McKenzies Recommenzies: Fornino Park Slope!!!

image courtesy of NYTimes

In my last-ditch attempt to make my boyfriend love Brooklyn I proposed a date night in Park Slope….specifically at Fornino, a gluten-free friendly restaurant that I’ve heard very very good things about for far too long without checking it out.

On a very busy section of 5th Avenue, ok maybe the entire avenue is busy, but in the thick of all the hot new spots (Pork Slope and Beauty Bar), lies Fornino Park Slope and it’s big and bright and in your face. You seriously can’t miss it with its huge sign, take-out entrance, and restaurant entrance.Walking in the place is so cozy and warm. The restaurant is quite large but it makes good use of the space with clever partitioning and lighting that is dim but not dark. Like every Brooklyn restaurant nowadays, there is the obligatory chalkboard wall which details their daily specials and the walls are adorned with old black and white photos of the hood. Simply put, this is a real neighborhood joint….service is casual and friendly, the food is solid and the prices are very affordable.

We ordered the grilled octopus with olive oil braised potatoes, celery and limoncello vinaigrette to share, and the bf went with the gluten-free penne and fennel sausage with tomato sauce and I went with the gluten-free penne pesto primavera. All three were a-mazing. We licked each dish clean and made no apologies for it 😉 Each dish consisted of a delicious blend of savory ingredients that came together to create three beautifully different and flavorfully packed dishes.

As stated before, Fornino is a great neighborhood joint. It’s not fancy but there’s a real genuine personal warmth given during your entire experience. I will go back in a heartbeat….not just because it made my boyfriend kinda of fall in love with Park Slope and want to go out more in our borough, but also because the food is really really good and the place is so warm and inviting. But next time I’m going with one of their gluten-free grilled pizzas!

Fornino Park Slope

256 5th Avenue (Between Carroll and Garfield) *Park Slope


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  1. My friends had their wedding rehearsal dinner and post-wedding brunch at this place and it was AWESOME both times! GREAT service, great people, great food! I recommend, too!!

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