McKenzies Recommenzies: Enjoy your ‘Hood with Romio!


I’m back!!!! After a two month hiatus I just couldn’t quit you! The little blog that could had too much of a gravitational pull on my life and I really missed sitting in front of my computer detailing my favorite restaurants, new food and drink deals, recipes, and food events for you all.

In conjunction with my return I’ve joined a new site called as one of their “insiders.” Romio connects people to their neighborhood by revealing hidden treasures — everything from mom and pop shops to restaurants. Ask a question, any question and you will find an answer.

But this site isn’t just for locals, it can be a great resource for tourists too!  Have you ever wondered where the locals in NYC neighborhoods really go? Ask on Romio! Ever feel overwhelmed with all the review sites and what to know what neighbors really think about their local spots? Check them out on Romio! Or maybe you’re looking for that local recommendation that only an insider would know? Ask away on Romio!

I started the blog almost three years ago based on the fact that I was getting dozens of calls a week of people asking me where to eat in NYC. The blog helps me get the word out and Romio helps expand my audience. So if you too enjoy recommendations from people who really know what they are talking about (your neighbors) then you should join Romio too! It’s easy to sign-up and you can even do so through your Facebook account!

You already read or follow my blog, and now you can follow me on Romio and keep up with all my tips and recommendations! With only one post a day, I can’t detail every little thing I know 😉 So stay informed by following me on Romio! Just sign up and follow me here ——- McKenzie Mahoney Romio Insider!


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