Run…Don’t Walk to The Luncheonette!!!


When my friend Rev recommends food to me I take it very seriously and while having a drink last month he told me that he had found one of the best burgers in New York. Now this guy writes a burger blog, Burger Conquest, so him saying that is a statement of fact in my book. So naturally I had to have it. Six days after learning of burger greatness deep in Brooklyn, I hot wired my boyfriends car (hah no I merely just asked him to borrow it) and drove to a place I had never heard or seen of before to get my hands on this burger.

Mill Basin lies along the Jamaica Bay and is basically surrounded by water on three sides. It’s almost unreachable by public transportation (I have no patience for the bus which does serve the area but is kind of a confusing mess) so heads up….you’re gonna need a car. But it’s worth it….if I didn’t have the luxury of borrowing my boyfriends I would have rented a zipcar, biked, done whatever I needed to get to The Luncheonette.

The drive wasn’t too bad….basically a straight shot down Flatbush and two right turns. I walked in and Andrew (the owner) greeted me warmly (Rev introduced us via email). This is the type of guy you want to not only make your burgers, but every meal you have. His passion for authenticity and realness is a revelation…he took me back to the kitchen and showed me his operation which was nothing short of impressive. Hurricane Sandy did a number on the place but he was back in action a few weeks later where the place bore no signs of its damage. Andrew built the place all by himself (he’s a licensed contractor) and it bears traces of his, Mill Basin and Brooklyn’s past. The salvaged wood floors, black and white photo collage in the bathroom, chalkboard walls with handwritten menus, photos of Mill Basin from the early 1900s, and old school stools at the soon to be open kitchen bar top.

Andrew disappeared to make me a burger, The Brooklyn (his signature) with american cheese, sautéed onions and bacon and a side of fries, and came back with a behemoth for me to enjoy. He told me his burger was great….and his boasting is no joke. This burger is unreal. Cooked on a flat top to seal in the flavor, he uses fresh ground patties he picks up each morning at his local butcher and cooks everything to order. Restaurants say they use fresh ingredients but can’t always back it up. Andrew buys, preps and cooks to order. If he has 20 burgers ground that day, he only has 20 burgers. He then melts a piece of cheese over the patty, slathers it with onions sautéed in butter and the burgers juices and tops it off with three crispy slices of bacon before smushing it into a buttered bun. I am literally salivating as I write this….the burger is so freaking amazing. If this were in Manhattan, the place would have lines out the door, every food writer would be talking about its greatness, every hangover would be cured with just one bite.

I’ve had my fair share of great burgers in NYC but this takes the cake. Make it a priority to hit up The Luncheonette and taste of the best darn burgers I’ve had in Brooklyn…ever!

*If you check out their Yelp profile there is one thing to note…yelp is a sham and filters the good reviews in an effort to get you to advertise with them. If you check it out they have 5 reviews and 16 filtered so you know something’s up. Instead, do yourself a favor and check out these fantastic reviews of The Luncheonette by burger fanatics to really get a sense of what I’m talking about….

Underground Eats, Burger Conquest, and Burger Weekly.

The Luncheonette

6001 Strickland Avenue *Mill Basin, Brooklyn



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3 responses to “Run…Don’t Walk to The Luncheonette!!!

  1. Lil Sis

    That looks amazing… i want.

  2. richard

    I eat there every saturday morning and I can tell you that a burger isn’t the only amazing thing this place makes. Their french toast is out of this world also!!

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