My Latest Obsession: Salt of the Earth OMG Brownie!!!


The name says it all….OMG. There is simply no other way to describe the Salt of the Earth’s salted caramel brownie I straight up devoured at Beechers Handmade Cheese last week. As I ordered a soy latte I looked down towards the register and saw them….. staring at me. You actually could not see the rivers of caramel running through the blocks of chocolate and not want to buy one. As I handed the cash to pay for my latte and brownie I had to tell myself that they were basically begging me to eat them and I just couldn’t resist.

With minutes before a friend was to meet me I figured we could share this little treat. But I ashamedly ate the entire thing before she got there (she understood….I swear!). It just looked too good to resist and holy moly….this brownie is ridiculously delicious, decadent and devilish. The light as air chocolate brownie barely holds the creamy caramel and is topped with a few flakes of sea salt that cuts the sweetness of the chocolate and caramel.

While I had these devilishly decadent brownies at Beechers Cheese, they can be found online on the Salt of the Earth Bakery website and at other retail locations around the city (as found on their website).


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