McKenzies Recommenzies: Mayfield!!!

photo courtesy of Amy Sara Clark

photo courtesy of Amy Sara Clark

With Killer tunes and even better food and drink….Mayfield rocks Crown Heights’ Franklin Avenue!

Mayfield is another very welcome addition to my ever-growing and changing neighborhood.  It seems like every week the neighborhood gets another notice of a new spot applying for a liquor license, starting construction or opening up nowadays. Well Mayfield is the latest darling to open up and it’s … wonderful.

I only ventured into Mayfield’s previous incarnation once (Franklin Roadhouse) and was amazed at the renovations they made. The place is big… surprisingly big and the open kitchen is wonderfully quiet. You can hear sounds of the kitchen at work but it’s faint and unobtrusive. And the restaurant is beautiful: it’s got an art deco vibe that has great design touches like exposed brick and chipped paint walls, pin-up (or is it mermaid) door handles and coat hooks and the refurbished church pews (aka their seats) that I covet. Come in for a beer and watch the game (they have a TV on mute in the large bar area) or grab a table…. you’ll enjoy Mayfield either way.

I have to admit, it’s hard to find any fault in Mayfield’s approach… the kitchen serves up fresh, largely local food done very well, and serves it up in a friendly and warm setting. Now I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that their music is fantastic, their namesake is the legendary soul, R&B and funk singer. One minute I was singing along to Stevie Wonder and then next I was breaking it down to Ray Lamontagne…. either the owners have crafted a kick-ass playlist or Pandora is really on it (I hope the former).

I had been very excited to try their grilled octopus but was told that they were out of the dish as the vendor wasn’t satisfied with the product. While I selfishly sulked for a hot minute, I had to respect the fact that the vendor stands behind their product and the Chef stays true to his vendor and doesn’t settle for something less than perfect.

The menu offers various options for people with food allergies or food restrictions and people who have none. It would be pretty tough to not find something to eat here, what with seven categories of food to choose from such as veg, seafood, sides, entrees and a raw bar. The plates are small but the prices reflect that…where else can you find a whole roasted trout for $18!? It’s not nearly as expensive as other places in Brooklyn and they put a heavy emphasis on serving up fresh local food.

My boyfriend and I shared an appetizer (the heirloom beet salad with toasted hazelnuts, fennel and Queso de Vare cheese), and each enjoyed an entrée (I the PEI Mussels with bacon, saffron and tomato and he the Whole Roasted Trout). All three were very flavorful and filling, even if the beet salad was about 7 bites between the two of us. My meal made me eager for a return trip soon to try the octopus (when they have it), the buttermilk fried quail, the pork chop and the chicken liver mousse. All in we paid $70 for two glasses of wine, an appetizer, and two entrees, which I was very happy with. It’s rare to find great meals these days at those prices, no matter where you are.

Now we all know that Crown Heights is changing rapidly and the opening of restaurants like Mayfield and Bar Corvo is just the beginning folks. Manhattanite foodies should venture east and give Mayfield a try. They offer good fresh food done well, very well. I heard they have a great oyster and beer happy hour so I’ll have to check that out too. Get to know this face Mayfield……I will be a regular!


688 Franklin Avenue (at Prospect Place)


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