My Latest Obsession: Rubirosa’s Gluten-Free Spaghetti & Meatballs!!!


When dining out with my boyfriend we frequently have very few items we can share due to his gluten allergy. Hence the reason I love finding restaurants that devote an entire section of their menu to gluten-free options. I am sure we can all name a few restaurants that take care of the gluten-averse but I didn’t know Rubirosa had an entire menu for us to choose from!

In addition to the standard gluten-free salad and rice dishes, Rubirosa offers 6 pizzas, 4 entrees (including a gluten-free chicken parm!), 2 pastas and 3 appetizers that you rarely find made without breadcrumbs (mozzarella sticks, rice balls, and fried calamari). With so much to choose from we went with Spaghetti & Meatballs!


I’ve eaten my fair share of gluten-free pasta and it’s hard to find ones that taste nearly identical to the real gluten-filled thing. Not so at Rubirosa! I bet no one could tell the difference because it’s so spot on. The red/marinara sauce was a bit spicier than the standard tomato sauces I’ve had and came loaded with garlic, oregano, basil, and even a little chili pepper. But the best thing about this dish? The GIGANTIC meatballs plopped in the middle of the pasta. They were the size of my fists and were made entirely of meat and seasonings. I could have eaten just these and been happy. We ordered the full size, perhaps a little too much for us to eat with everything else we ordered, but we devoured the entire thing it was so good.

Rubirosa is affordable, family friendly, fun, unpretentious and offers something for everyone! It can get crowded pretty fast…. we had an early dinner at 615 and the entire place was full within minutes, but crowded in a good way. I can’t help but smile once I step in due to the fact that it’s so warm and cozy, smells so good and the staff is so friendly. Glad to have another gluten-free restaurant to add to our regular dining list! Next time we go for the gluten-free pizza!


235 Mulberry Street (between Prince and Spring)


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