Check it Out: 2nd Annual aPORKalypse Now!!!


Yay! It’s back! The 2nd Annual aPORKalypse Now Pork & Craft Beer Festival , from the great minds of Get Real Presents, is coming to NYC on Saturday, March 2nd 2013 to Alewife in Long Island City!

In conjunction with NYC Beer Week, a PORKalypse Now is a whole hog celebration! Held at Alewife NYC in Long Island City, this will be an event to remember! aPORKalypse Now will include ten whole hogs prepared by a group of some of the best NYC-based chefs in ways you’ve never (or maybe you have?) seen before!

While chowing down from snout to tail, guests will also sample some of the finest craft beers from 20 different local brewers, including rare cask ales and special homebrews!

Each ticket costs $40 and includes 10 tastings of beer and 10 tasting of pork! But hurry…. Get Real Presents doesn’t oversell its events, so tickets are extremely limited!


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