My Latest Obsession: Tipsy Parson’s Gluten-Free Biscuits!!!


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Tipsy Parsons’ motto of “Belly Filling Goodness” on their website says all you need to know about them. I’ve been a fan for years (since they opened in 2009) and love that you can always find an affordable and delicious meal anytime of day (they serve lunch, brunch, and dinner) with them in the heart of West Chelsea.

It’s an American restaurant with a Southern skew filled with a menu of items such as bourbon chicken liver mousse, a variety of grits (with butter, cheddar cheese, bacon or roasted mushrooms), cornmeal pancakes, blackened catfish tacos, a pimento cheeseburger and many many more!

With my cleanse fully behind me it’s been interesting eating out with this new healthy outlook. You would think at a restaurant that serves up southern cuisine that I would be in a state of panic figuring out what to eat but they made it easy with my order of their tuscan kale and squash salad, half chicken with kale and spicy sweet potato puree and my favorite find of the night….their gluten-free biscuits!


Who would have thought a Southern American restaurant would serve up a gluten-free version of a southern staple and have it be this good!? Tipsy Parson’s gluten-free biscuits are fluffy and tender….and taste no different from a gluten filled biscuit. Served with a tasty honey butter, I had to order two because I didn’t want to share with the boyfriend!

While you should check out Tipsy Parson for a number of reasons…. namely their creative menu, warm decor and friendly service, don’t miss out on taking a bite of their gluten-free biscuits whether you have a gluten allergy or not. And they don’t just serve them at brunch…you can get them at dinner too!

Tipsy Parson

156 Ninth Avenue (between 19th and 20th Streets)


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