McKenzies Recommenzies: Discover the Joy of Cooking with Hello Fresh!!!


A few weeks ago a friend of mine suggested I check out a new meal delivery system called HelloFresh and two weeks later I had my first box! It’s pretty simple and it’s really awesome because their chef creates five recipes each week (you choose three), they shop for your ingredients at the grocery store and then deliver your meals the following week (if you order by Thursday night at midnight).


Cardamom Spiked Shrimp Pilau

It’s a new way to cook for yourself and others. Choose the amount of people you need or want to cook for (two, four, or six) and then choose a Classic Box (with meat) or Veggie Box. They then send you five recipes (for you to choose three) and the next week you get a box filled with the exact ingredients and instructions on how to prepare them properly! For busy people this is a no brainer! They take care of the meal planning AND they do the shopping for you!


Recipe Cards

I went with the Classic Box and chose a cardamom-spiked shrimp pilau, chicken tostadas with refried beans and pork chops with grilled corn and potatoes. The following week (this week) I received an insulated box with all of the ingredients portioned out and separated per recipe with the proteins kept cool saddled next to blocks of ice.


I’ve made two of the three meals already and was very impressed with the entire system. Now I have a culinary school degree so a lot of the instructions were a little amateur but for someone who needs a little help in the kitchen or cooks best with recipes….this is easy (recipes come with step-by-step photo instructions) and fast (all recipes made within 30 minutes)!


Chicken Tostadas with Refried Beans and Avocado

The program is only available as far west as Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas but I am sure they have a plan for cross-country domination! The two person, three meal option is $69.00 which if you think about it is a great deal for a perfectly portioned and healthy meal! This isn’t something I want to do each week (I eat out a lot) but I do plan on ordering from HelloFresh a few times a year!

Want to try out HelloFresh for yourself? Use my referral code (FHCDPB) and get $20 off your first box!


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  1. those tacos look amazing!

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