McKenzies Recommenzies: Baked Doughnuts at Baked by Butterfield!!!


The family that own and operate Butterfield Market on the Upper East Side have brought their love of doughnuts (ok their late grandfather’s love) to the masses with their store Baked by Butterfield.

Mayor Bloomberg’s healthy initiative to get people to forgo elevators and use stairs and get out a subway stop early and walk the rest of the way must have finally sunk in because I did exactly that…. getting off at the 77th street 6 stop instead of going to my intended stop at 86th Street. Had it not been for that split second decision (and guilt from Mayor Bloomberg) I would probably not have found Baked by Butterfield!

baked2*Orange Blueberry*

It’s a tiny sliver of a store sandwiched between a bodega and a dry cleaner and when you walk in there isn’t much room for more than four to five people. It’s a bright and colorful space visually assaulting you with delicious treats like cakes, scones, doughnut pops, fresh juices, coffees, and baked doughnuts!

baked1*Banana Chocolate Chip*

They’ve got nearly two dozen different flavors and a few that are even gluten-free and vegan! I walked in during the in-between time of breakfast and lunch and so their selection was limited but they had some very tasty looking options. I went with the banana chocolate chip and orange blueberry en route to a work meeting and grabbed a fresh squeezed energy juice (1/2 carrot and 1/2 apple) to wash it all down. The banana chocolate chip was like eating a delicious doughnut shaped piece of banana bread and the orange blueberry had giant blueberries dotted throughout with little slivers of orange peel to give it a little citrusy kick. They were gone before I could even make it up to 79th Street and the juice was a great substitution for coffee giving me a good jolt to my day. At $13 for a juice and two donuts this was a little pricey for an everyday breakfast but boy was it good.

Forget Guy & Gallard and Bread Factory Cafe for your office catering needs… up Baked by Butterfield! They do breakfast packages with coffees, afternoon treats, juices, fruit salads and other goodies. Want to give your foodie friend a tasty treat? Give the gift of baked doughnuts from Baked by Butterfield…. I would love getting one (hint hint!).

Baked by Butterfield

1102 Lexington Avenue (between 77th and 78th Streets)


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