My Latest Obsession: Sedutto!!!


Finally! Ice cream season is here! But I’ll admit my guilty pleasure has me carrying a cone on both the coldest and hottest days I love it so much. I have some favorite ice cream shops in the city (Emack & Bolio’s, Blue Marble, Ample Hills, Van Leeuwen, and Sundaes & Cones) but love finding new spots to enjoy this icy treat. After happy hour drinks with friends at The Pitch & Fork (2 for 1 drinks!) on the UES, a friend suggested we hit up Sedutto.


Sedutto’s blows Baskin Robbins away with their huge selection of unique ice cream flavors which aren’t just limited to what is in the front cases as they have even more hiding in the back! The flavors are bold (wine ice cream anyone?) and there is something for everyone. The service is great….we had a nice chat with the owners friendly brother who gave us the rundown of the operation and let us taste whatever we wanted (I only had four samples!).

For my first Sedutto’s experience I went with cookie dough on the bottom and a  crunchy peanut butter on the top of the waffle cone. For just $4 this thing was HUGE. And this is how I like my ice cream…. hard enough so you can bite into it easily, full of flavor, and oh so creamy and smooth.

How are there not lines out the door for Sedutto? Last night in Chelsea there was a line 20 person deep for 16 Handles which I know isn’t technically the same thing but ??????.

Sedutto’s is a classic ice-cream parlor, meaning no gimmicks, no themes, reasonable prices, and absolutely no pretension. They are known for their ice cream but they also have frozen yogurt (some that is mystifyingly non-fat?), and milkshakes. My only gripe is that I wish there was a location downtown so I could enjoy it more often but since I go uptown twice a week for work I will have to make a Sedutto’s trip a weekly thing!


1666 1st Avenue (between 86th and 87th Streets)

1498 1st Avenue (between 78th and 79th Streets)


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