McKenzies Recommenzies: Ahoy New York Tours & Tasting!


A few weeks ago I was invited to join the Chinatown/Little Italy food tour with Ahoy New York Food Tours and with my sister coming in town this past weekend figured it was the perfect way for me to show her around one day!

Armed with a coffee and umbrella (there was a threat of rain) we met our group just outside of the Kam Man Grocery Store on Canal Street with a bottle of water in tow and comfortable walking shoes. The tours are small (roughly ten people) so it’s very intimate and you can really hear and experience everything amongst the crowds. What I love about this tour is that you aren’t one of those annoying big groups that crowds the sidewalks and takes photos of everything you see.


For three hours we were at the hungry mercy of Alana, our tour guide, who was extremely informative, friendly and personable. Her knowledge is evident from the get-go as she enthusiastically shares colorful stories of famous happenings and notorious residents in between food stops.  Those tasting included Prosciutto and Homemade Mozzarella at Alleva, Italian Cheese at Di Palo’s, Pizza at Grand Appetito, Cannolis at Ferrara Bakery, Noodles at Pongsri, Dumplings at Tasty Dumpling, and Egg Rolls at Nom Wah Tea Parlor. With the exception of a sit down tasting at Pongsri, each stop was quick (but not rushed) and offered a good-sized tasting of the food item. With the exception of the pizza stop, the restaurants were great places that offer a tasty snapshot of the great food you can eat in the neighborhood (Nom Wah was my favorite).

Her tour was a perfect mix of walking, tasting and information visiting historical sites, hidden gems and staples businesses, some who have been there for over 100 years! Armed with a map and coupons, you’re encouraged to double back after the tour and enjoy the discounts offered at the places we visited, enjoy a more complete meal or just explore! We had to rush to a birthday party so I’ve  kept the guide and will be heading back this weekend to do some shopping 😉

I’ve explored and hung out in Little Italy and Chinatown many times before and thought I knew a lot about the area but Alana’s tour helped me truly learn and know the history and hidden secrets! Whether you are visiting New York or live here, this is a must for both! I was amazed at how fast three hours went by and how much I learned. Alana helped make my sisters visit that much more special and I enjoyed trading stories of what we know about the area, the food we both love, and the New York books we enjoy reading. And yes my tour was comped but at just $49 this is an incredible deal and a great way to learn more about this fabulous city! Take a bite out of the Big Apple with Ahoy New York Food Tours!


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  1. Lil Sis

    So much fun! Thanks for taking me on the tour… I learned so much about NYC. Plus, that proscuitto/mozzarella combo from Avella was the best thing I’ve ever eaten… guess I’ll just have to come back and visit again for another taste 🙂

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