Run…Don’t Walk to Beauty & Essex!!!!


Last weekend I rocked out at my second bachelorette party of the month! With plans to stay at The Thompson Hotel and dance the night away at The Box, dinner and drinks at Beauty & Essex was a no brainer. I am sure most people have heard or been to B & E, with its entrance hidden beyond the pawn shop that sells actual items (albeit marked up heavily) and celebrity clientele!

What a place Beauty & Essex is! Upon entering through the unmarked door you are transported into a whole different world! This restaurant is what New York nightlife and dining is all about… with a gorgeous bar, beautiful people, sexy decor and great music.


*I swear…there is a restaurant somewhere beyond here*

We could not have picked a better place to get the night started and instead of ordering individual dishes, went with a smorgasbord of starters to share amongst the group! The menu is unique and creative and features a raw bar (we went with the Pearl of the Sea Raw Tower), jewels on toast (fancy bruschetta), starters (we got the grilled shishito peppers, crispy eggplant pizzetta, lobster tacos, and lobster mac n cheese), and a slew of entrees that I will definitely be back to try in the near future.


*prime seating in the front table there*

This is the place to go if you wanna have a fun night on the town! I don’t find myself gravitating to places like these (something about the “too cool for schoolness” of most of them) but everything about B & E, from the hostess (who dealt with our lateness because of torrential rain), to the bartender (who made us great shots) to the server (who was so helpful and had fun with our crazy bachelorette party), to the food (which was delicious) and the beautiful decor….was amazing.

Oh ya and one of the more unique things is the ladies room which has a mini bar with bartender and couches where they serve free rosé champagne. We spent a good fifteen minutes in there trying to dry off (we ran a few blocks from the hotel to the restaurant and got soaked in the process) and basically toasted to the night with our own bottle courtesy of Beauty & Essex!

Beauty & Essex 

146 Essex Street (between Rivington and Stanton Streets)


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