Run….Don’t Walk to The Butterfly!!!


When I first heard news that Michael White (of Marea, Nicoletta, Osteria Morini, Ai Fiori amongst others) would be opening a new restaurant called The Butterfly down the street from me I trolled the blog sites, walked by, and read community board news to see when it would finally open! When it finally did (a few weeks ago), like many exciting new restaurant openings in the city…..I couldn’t get a reservation. But earlier this week my friend Leo happened to be staying nearby for a work trip and I figured why not try to just score a seat at the bar? To my surprise, not only was there availability, but we were given a great table in the back (where it’s a little roomier)!

The restaurant is smaller than I thought it would be but the space is really nice and has a great vibe and atmosphere going on. Because of the size it is a little loud, but the music is good and everyone (including myself and Leo) were having a great time.

The retro decor is really cool…from the fonts on the menu, detailed drawings of their cocktails, lime green tiling in the bathroom, marble table tops (artificial i think?) and cushioned bar stools…the design is very simple and everything just fits!

I love when servers are dynamic and engaging and ours was all that and more. Kiel is the only person I want to be served by from here on out at The Butterfly, he was absolutely fabulous…joking around with Leo and I, putting on his best British accent (Leo is British), and generally making the experience fantastic.

And what an experience (and great meal) we had! Being a Michael White restaurant, I was expecting top-notch food and he did NOT disappoint! The menu and food is very simple and very well executed.

Leo and I weren’t terribly hungry so we shared two appetizers and an entree while downing a tasty Tom Collins with Kaffir Leaves (Leo) and a few Birra Morini Lagers (me)! Kiel recommended the Reuben Croquettes, Shrimp Toast and Patty Melt and that sounded good to Leo and I so… we followed his advice and ordered all three.

photo 3*Reuben Croquettes*

Ok, the reuben croquettes are awesome…..five fantastically fried little reuben sandwiches in a crispy croquette that are so good I burned my tongue a little bit eating them so fast!

photo 2*Shrimp Toast*

The shrimp toast are interesting (in a good way). I haven’t really had anything like this before and only wished there were more than just four little bites. They have a faint taste of shrimp and the accompanying sweet/sour sauce duck sauce gives a great kick to each bite.

photo 4*The Butterfly Patty Melt*

Onto the patty melt which is right on the money. It’s rich and decadent, filled with silken fried onions and melted swiss and american cheese, worth every single bite. You can get the “burger” with a side of fries or salad….but don’t try to act all healthy with your side and just go with the fries to complete the meal. Boy, am I happy that Leo and I shared this as I don’t think I would have been able to eat this thing on my own without shaming myself afterwards!

Michael White strikes gold yet again in Tribeca and  you must check out his new spot…The Butterfly! I am so happy that I have another great restaurant within spitting distance from my apartment (ok if you are the Jolly Green Giant then spitting distance). I told Kiel to remember my face and name because I will be back time and time again and I will only dine so long as he is my server! See you soon Kiel!

The Butterfly 

225 West Broadway (between Franklin and White Streets)


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