McKenzies Recommenzies: S’MAC!

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What can be said of the gloriousness of S’MAC that hasn’t already been said? It’s the mecca for mac n cheese in NYC, where they hype is truly justified!

S’MAC isn’t an everyday indulgence (for me at least) but I do find myself there quite often (usually with visiting friends) like last week for my friend Emily’s birthday. See, Emily is pregnant (and visiting from LA) and in talking with her at dinner a week before she said how much she loves mac n cheese and wanted to eat that for her birthday. Naturally, S’MAC was the first thing to come to my mind….but I also enjoy the mac n cheese from Jack the Horse, Artisanal, Westville, and Murray’s Cheese Bar. So on a rainy night last week I treated Emily to a birthday dinner that would satiate she and her growing baby’s craving!


* The All-American *

The menu is quite extensive with a dozen different cheesy combinations, a build-your-own option, choice of gluten-free or regular pasta, vegan and dairy-free options, and the choice of whether to get breadcrumbs or not (if you aren’t gluten-free… go for the breadcrumbs!). I’m a simple gal and as such went with the All-American, which takes you back to your childhood with a tasty blend of american and cheddar cheeses. Other favorites include the Napoletana (with mozzarella, tomatoes, garlic and basil), and the Four Cheese (cheddar, muenster, gruyere and a touch of pecorino). I can’t keep ordering the same thing (I’ve only ordered those three for the past five years) so next time I vow to try one of their loaded options like the Buffalo Chicken or the Cheeseburger!

If there is one piece of advice I can give you in making your decision it would be on the size of your mac. Remember that your eyes are probably bigger than your stomach. Sure, a nosh size sounds like something for a little kid but it’s definitely enough to feed one person and then some because the serving dish is filled to the top!

The only thing I am not a fan of is the service, which is to say the attitudes of the front counter staff. You’ve gotta give them credit as the last thing I would wanna do is deal with stoners and drunks jonesing for some munchie food, but they could be a bit more friendly to the people who (are sober and) just want to bow down to the mac n cheese gods and enjoy their meal. A smile goes a long way girls….

S’MAC (Saritas Mac & Cheese) 

Two locations (but I’ve only been to the East Village)

  • 345 East 12th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenue) *East Village*
  • 157 East 33rd Street (between Lexington and 3rd Avenues) *Murray Hill*

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