Run…Don’t Walk to Roberta’s!!!!

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Deep in the heart of Bushwick lies Roberta’s, a pizza paradise that you have to go to…. right now! All the hype, accolades and love for this place are spot on. Roberta’s is unlike any restaurant I’ve ever been to and their pizza is straight up amazing.

After a long morning of filming my September and October recipes for Spice to Meet You with its creator Jason Feirman, we treated ourselves to an afternoon of pizza at Roberta’s, after we spent an hour biking there from my home in Tribeca! How I had not made it the biggest priority to eat there before is unfathomable to me. Jason, a pretty serious pizza blogger who travels the world in search of a good slice, was there to guide me through my first experience and ordered for the two of us.

Housed in a former garage, Roberta’s is a culinary campus with a small garden/farm, a radio station, outdoor bar, wood burning oven, and much much more. They’ve got indoor and outdoor seating but we sat inside as it was drizzling rain outside. The communal wood tables, colored string lighting and old school music (our varied genre playlist included some Buddy Holly, Tupac, and Steve Winwood) sets a relaxed and casual mood.

We’ll get to the two pies we ate in a second but one thing on the pizza as a whole…. it is absolutely perfect.  Neapolitan style, thin and covered with a light sauce and some seriously high quality cheese. It’s definitely up there as one of the best pizzas to ever touch my lips.

Now Roberta’s offers much more than just pizza on its menu, but I wasn’t going to get anything but pizza for my first meal here.

photo 2* Four Emperors*

The Four Emperors came slathered with a spicy arrabiatta sauce, thick slices of fresh mozzarella, creamy dollops of ricotta, and sprinkles of asiago cheese and sesame seeds. It’s a cheesy and meaty mess of greatness that I adored.

photo 3* The Bee Sting *

The Bee Sting consists of fresh mozzarella, tomato, spicy sopressata – and a drizzle of honey for a sweet and spicy mashup of delicious proportions! Now take a look at that picture above, it tastes just as amazing as it looks. Again it has that deliciously light and thin crust with a nice char around the edges.

Cheeses Christ…. (one of the names of their pizzas) this place is good! Roberta’s is a must eat destination that is definitely worth the trek!


261 Moore Street (between Bogart and White Streets)


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  1. The Bee Sting is my favorite! I always order it – even when not on their menu.

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