it’s not goodbye… it’s see you later #2.


Nearly ten months ago I took a break from blogging because of a busy new job and returned two months later when I found I had more time. Well, once again I find myself taking a break as my job is making me a little too busy to keep up with this blogging train.

So, once again I bid adieu for who knows how long. It could be a few weeks, it could be a few months, it could be forever. I may post a few random recipes here and there, detail the next must attend food event, wax poetic on the last great restaurant I ate at, or tell you about a great new food deal. Who knows.

All I know is that I love my little blog that could but my paying day job comes first.

In the meantime…. follow me on instagram @mckenziemahoney or on twitter @mmmguide




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One response to “it’s not goodbye… it’s see you later #2.

  1. congrats, busy is good and you have to place what is important first and i am happy that you are doing so! Thank you for the WONDERFUL recommenzies… xx

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